My life today is not My life yesterday

Yesterday; it was all the usual Today; everything is different and new but most of all adventurous.
My book is creative and i hope you will be inspired and like the book. I hope to be a writer one day, hope you enjoy.


10. For the past month

July 9th 2012

Finally he gave me my journal back, and I know you're probably thinking how could he still have it if it was summer. Well he just sent it back to my house but let me take you on a journey to explain what's been happening for the past month. (Flashback) "Valerie are you ok?!" "No! That dumbass took my journal!" "That journal must mean a lot to you." "Yea even though I've only had it for a couple of days it is still the thing that holds all my secrets and regrets and embarrassments." "well ill help you take your mind off this journal of yours." "How?" "By one thing of course!" "Oh no please don't say it" "SHOPPING" "No!" "YES come-on I can give you a makeover, *Squeals* I can get your hair done, do your makeup! OH please please let me do your hair!!!!" She gives me the fricken puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes "Fine" She smiles and I smile back. "This is going to be the bdewmbfeitww!!!!" "Should I even ask?" "No you'll just get confused, we need to work on that." She giggles and pulls me straight into stores and right away is throwing clothes on me like I'm a hanger. "Now go try all of these on!" "All of these!!" "Yep now go!!" I try on all of these and they really did look good on me but were really expensive yet she bought them all for me. "Next on the list, your hair." "I like my hair...." "You may like it but the world doesn't no come on!" I followed as I was told and got my hair done, also surprisingly it looked better then ever!!" Now talk about a makeover. My hair was still long but the made it a little shorter complementing my height. It also looked adorable with my new outfit that are the only things I wear now. And it was a few weeks later that a guy in my mathematics class came up to me and said "Hey Val?" "Yes Adam?" "Do you wanna hang out after school on Friday, just us its not a prank like how Dylan did." "Oh good" I said weirdly that he brought it up. "Sorry I get nervous around you.......and don't know why I said that...." I smiled "I would love to hang out with you after school on Friday. (Present) And since them me and Adam have been dating for two weeks now and everything is going really truly well.

Right to you really soon,

-Valerie <3

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