My life today is not My life yesterday

Yesterday; it was all the usual Today; everything is different and new but most of all adventurous.
My book is creative and i hope you will be inspired and like the book. I hope to be a writer one day, hope you enjoy.


9. Blast to the past

June 9th 2012

Hello journal, so I did something today. Wasn't much just got detention for a whole month, but that's not that bad right?? Anyways this is what happened:

(Flashback to earlier that day)

"Ok so these are the different noses I'm looking at" "They look nice" "No silly which one do you think I should get???" "Oh, you want me to decide?" "Of course I mean we are friends now and you're the reason that this is happening." "Oh yeah, sorry I'm not used to having a real friend." "Well get used to it because you are choosing for me and just think which one will make me look hot and guys will go all over." "Ummm, how about that one?" "OMG are we twins or what!!!" "What?" "That's the same one I really liked too!! You picking was just a test to see how well your fashion sense is and its great although, we HAVE to work on your sense of clothing." "What's wrong with my clothing?" "Umm everything duh, and don't take it the wrong way I'm telling you as a friend." She smiled and then said. "Ill take you out this weekend to get you some new clothes." "That would be awesome but I don't have money." "Cant you just ask your parents?" "No not really they don't really know I exist." "Oh well then it will be on me!" "What!? NO I cant allow you to pay for my clothing!!!!" "Think of it as your birthday present." "Do you even know when my birthday is??" "Ok fine then your Christmas present!" "You sure you want to do this?" "Of course your my BFINOFH" "What does that stand for???" "Best Friend In need of fashion help duh!" "Oh........ right" Dylan came up "Hey beautiful" "Not now Dylan" "Actually I'm here for her." he was looking right at me. "So did you find out your answer." "Actually yes" "Great I knew you wouldn't turn me down." "Oh don't get me wrong I'm turning you down!" "That's right, wait what!!?" "You think id forgive you after the party?" I  laughed "Oh you remembered about that....." "Yes I did and you know what I cant seem to forget because since you're such an awful person I get made fun of by everyone about it." "Eh hem" "Oh everyone but" 'Yea but if you weren't so mean to her, we wouldn't be friends" "Yea so thank you but no thank you please leave." I high fived my BFHMWMSOF of and if you didn't know it apparently means my Best friend helping me with my sense of fashion. Dylan grabbed my arm tightly. "You cant say no to me!!!" "I already did no get off!!" He grabbed my other one "You asked for it!" I kicked him in his balls, elbowed him in the face, and flipped him. And then this happened "YOU TWO!" "Yes?" "COME HERE NOW!!! WHAT WERE YOU DOING TO HIM??" "He was harassing me!" "Don't believe her principal jerky, she's a nobody just wanting attention!" "I see.......Detention for you!!!" He grinned as I was being yelled at "But sir, He's lying to you he really did harass me!" "Don't you sass me young lady, Detention FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!"

(Back to present)

And that is how I got detention for a whole month and he's taking my journal as another punishment.

Well talk to you in a month, Valerie

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