Hey, That's Life

Olivia Cooper is a very organized girl. She has her whole life planned out from start to finish. But what happens when things start to not go her way. When life decides to take the wheel and put Olivia in the passenger seat. It all starts when the college she wants may not be the College she gets. This changes her life that she has planned forever. But maybe life is trying to tell her something. If you spend so much time looking into the future, you'll be blinded by the present.


6. chapter 6

Juliet continues pulling me by my wrist while I just follow her behind. What is going on?

"Can you please tell me where we are going"

"Ok, so a huge celebrity just came to the party."


"You'll find out"

Ugghh! Just tell me!

We walk a little more until we reach this huge frat house filled with drunk college kids. We walk in and she continues to pull me by my wrist. I am still really tired from my sudden human alarm. I pass through a bunch of dancing people. Why aren't they excited? I thought a celebrity was here? We approach a group of two girls and two boys.

"Guys, this is Olivia"

"Hi, Olivia" They all say in unison.

Confused, I ask, "Wait, where is the famous celebrity?"

"There is none, I just wanted you to come"

"Aww, come on! I'm going home"

"No! Stay please" Juliet says while I turn around to walk out.

"Yeah, don't leave" One of the boys say.

I glare at Juliet for a little before finally giving in.

"Fine, but i'm not staying for long."

"Yay! Ok so let me introduce you to my friends. This is Niall" She points to tall blonde with a little brown in his hair. He waves to me.

"This is Louis" She points to a medium height brunette. He seems friendly. He also waves.

"And these two girls are twins, Allyssa and Alison" She points to two very identical twins. They are both blonde and really pretty. Wow, i'm really jealous of them. They also wave as well.

"Nice to meet you all"

"You too" Niall smiles.

"Does anyone want a drink?" Juliet asks. They all ask for a beer.

"No thanks" I say.

She leaves.

"So are you a newbie?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, I am"

"I can tell because you declined the beer. There is no alcohol in it. We just call it beer because it makes us feel like college kids. But it is just water and flavoring."

"Oh, good to know."

"So what made you decide this college?"

"I have always had my eye on here and I got accepted so I decided to come here." I didn't want to tell them about my first choice because I just wanted to forget about it.

"That is good."

"How far away are you from home?" Niall asks.

"About 9 hours."

"Oh, so you live in California?" Alison asks.

"Yeah, I do."

"I'm back! What did I miss?" Juliet comes back with their drinks.

"Nothing much" I say. This is really uncomfortable. I just want to be home, going back to sleep.

"Hey, what time is it?" I was so caught up in the moment to realize what time it as.

"About 2 am"

Wow! I feel so weird. I don't usually stay up late. Only for studying or reading. I feel like such a rebel! Even though i'm not really rebelling against anything. I know I don't look like someone who spends most of her time with school or reading. But I am.

"Wow, I need to go back and get some sleep. I have a lot to do tomorrow."

"Come on! Stay!" Juliet says.

"No I really just want to go back"

"Ok, be safe"

I turn around and head out.

Once I reach the dorm, I unlock it, and head straight for bed.

Hello! I'm on break now! Sorry for the boring chapter. I kind of rushed it because I haven't posted in forever.

I try to but it's hard beacuse of school and everything I have after school. But now that I have a break, there will be more posts :-)

For those of you who is wondering, Olivia is played by Emily Rudd.

Have a good day and don't forget to smile :-)


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