Hey, That's Life

Olivia Cooper is a very organized girl. She has her whole life planned out from start to finish. But what happens when things start to not go her way. When life decides to take the wheel and put Olivia in the passenger seat. It all starts when the college she wants may not be the College she gets. This changes her life that she has planned forever. But maybe life is trying to tell her something. If you spend so much time looking into the future, you'll be blinded by the present.


5. chapter 5

"And we are back to the dorms"

"Wow, Thanks for the tour, I now know a little more about this place."

"Your welcome, now I sugest you start unpacking because you aren't going to want to do it later"

"Ok, i'll start now"

We walk back into Dorm 357 and I start straight for my clothes. I bought alot of clothes at the mall. Well alot of clothes to me is two suitcases. Anyway I start hanging them up and organizing my stuff. (As always)

"Hey Olivia, i'm going to take a shower, i'll be right back"


"Over in the girl's shower rooms, duh" She looks at me like I just asked what a dog is.

"Oh, Okay"

She leaves.

Time to add my own touch to my side of the room.

I put up pictures of my family and friends. I also really like candles, it brings a calm mood to a room. Next I put up little decorations and flowers.

I feel kind of bad because my side looks a little brighter and colorful than Juliet's but i'm sure she will change that sometime soon.

Next I put all my books on my little shelf and my pens and pencils in my desk.

Now I am done.

Knock Knock

I walk to the door nervously, who could it be?

"Hey, sorry, I wasn't sure if you were changing or not"

Just Juliet.

"Oh, it's fine"

"Woah! Look at your side of the room! How did you do this?"

"I just let my imagination get the best of me, and get to work"

"Well, it's really cool"

"Hah, thanks"

"Alright, i'm going to get ready now"

"Oh really, for what?"

"There is a huge party tonight over at the boys's frat house! Everyone goes to it. It's like the begining of the year bash"

"Have you been before?"

"No, because last year was my first year here and I didnt think I could go"

"Ok well, have fun"


She walks into the bathroom.

Time to catch up on my reading.

I pick out a book from my very organized shelf and lay on my bed. Is this how i'm going to spend most of my nights? In bed, reading a book? My roommate is going to parties and i'm here. Actually, I don't mind it very much. It actually sounds fun, all alone in peace while reading a good book.

"Ok, i'm leaving now!" She says rushing out the door.

Alone. All alone. By myself. At night. With drunk college kids. In the dark. Maybe this isn't as fun as I thought.

I'm just going to go to bed.


"Olivia wake up!"


"What? What's wrong?"

"Follow me"

She pulls me up and out of the dorm.

Hey guys! What do you think it is?

Anyway, thanks to all who are reading this! You are truly awesome.

If you tell your friends about this fanfic, I will love you forever and personally buy you an air guitar.


I Love you all!!!!

Bye :-)

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