Hey, That's Life

Olivia Cooper is a very organized girl. She has her whole life planned out from start to finish. But what happens when things start to not go her way. When life decides to take the wheel and put Olivia in the passenger seat. It all starts when the college she wants may not be the College she gets. This changes her life that she has planned forever. But maybe life is trying to tell her something. If you spend so much time looking into the future, you'll be blinded by the present.


3. chapter 3

*25 Days Later*

I only have a few more days until I leave.

Everything is in boxes and ready to go.

I ended up getting accepted into UOP, but decided not to go. Don't tell Sierra. I just told her that I didn't get accepted, and she bought it. She's not very bright. Don't tell her I said that either!

*Ring Ring*

Speak of the devil.

"Hey Sierra"

"Hey, can I come over right now?"


"Yeah, sure"

Why do I have to be such a passive person?

About 10 seconds later, the doorbell rings. That was fast!

"Wow, that was fast!"

"Yeah, I already know what the answer was but I still wanted to call. Your too predictable Olivia!" She says it clearly unaware that, that's hurtful.

"Thanks, I guess"

Why am I friends with her again?

" What do you have to eat?" She says, walking over to the kitchen.

"Ugh! Just a bunch of healthy stuff! You way too skinny, you should have your mom buy you some froot loops or something"

Thanks for pointing out my number one insecurity, my weight.

" I should give you a makeover!" Her eyes are bulging out of her head and she is jumping up and down.

" Uhh, I don't know about that"

"Come on, you are going to college in a couple days! How are you going to fit in looking how you do?"

I just sit there, staring at her.

"C'mon" She pulls me up to her room.

I sit in my chair, nervous to what she has in store.

"You don't have to do this, I like the way I look."

"But I want to! Plus, you are always complain about your clothes"

She's right I do.

"I'll be right back, stay here"

Where is she going?

Sierra comes back with a brush, a curling iron, and some hairspray.

Oh no! Don't curl my hair!

When I was five, I was going through my mom's stuff, when I came across one of her curling irons. Being the curious five year old that I was, I plugged it in and started curling my hair. I accidentally burned my hand, leaving a mark. It went away after about a year. But I vowed to never go around one ever again.

"Stay still."

"No, please don't curl my hair!"

" What, Why?'

"You don't remember?"

"Oh yeah! Well, then this is the perfect time to get over your fear!"

"No!" I stand up and back away.

"Yes! Now sit down!"

I stare at her blankly.

"I'm not leaving until you sit down"

"Fine! But if you burn me, I will never talk to you again!" I sit down, nervously in the chair.

Sierra begins to curl my long brown hair. I can't stop shaking.

After about 45 minutes of pure torture, she is done.

"Now, for your makeup. I'll go get some from your mom" She walks off.

When she comes back, I tense up. I rarely wear makeup and Sierra wears 5 pounds each day. What if she permanently damages my face?

She starts with the eyeshadow.

"This will perfectly compliment your blue eyes!"

The rest of the makeup time is just a blur. My eyelashes feel really heavy, and my face feels weird.

"Now go look in the mirrior!"

I get up and walk over to my bathroom.

As soon as i see my self, I get really excited. I have NEVER in my life felt this way. It feels really good.

Sierra walks in with one of my dresses.

"Now put this on"

I take it from her and put it on.


"We could shopping this weekend for more clothes!"


"I need to take a picture of you! where is your camera?"

" Dining room table"

She walks out.

I continue to look at myself. How did she do this?

My hair is perfect.

My face looks perfect.

My clothes are perfect.

For once in my life, I look perfect. Not too skinny!

I now really like curling irons!

"What is this!?"

I turn around.

"You got accepted!!"

I now know what she is talking about.

"You liar! Why didn't you tell me you got accepted!? We could of gone to college together and you not only chose the other one, but you lied about it! How could you? You are my bestfriend! We were supposed to tell each other everything and you lied!!"

By this point, i'm stuck. I don't know what to say to her. I'm not telling her that i want to go to college with her, because I don't. I was actually excited that we were going to two different places.


"No! Don't! I don't want to hear it. We are no longer best friends! and you can forget about our shopping trip this weekend!"

She leaves.

It's weird, I'm not that sad. I'm actually a little happy.

Well, I guess Sierra and I are no longer friends!

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