Hey, That's Life

Olivia Cooper is a very organized girl. She has her whole life planned out from start to finish. But what happens when things start to not go her way. When life decides to take the wheel and put Olivia in the passenger seat. It all starts when the college she wants may not be the College she gets. This changes her life that she has planned forever. But maybe life is trying to tell her something. If you spend so much time looking into the future, you'll be blinded by the present.


1. chapter 1

Today is the day.

It could possibly be the best, or worse, day of my life.

Today is the day I get my acceptance letter to the college I have wanted to go to since 8th grade.

University of Manchester.

I know its here because I have that feeling in my stomache. The same feeling you get before going on stage for your sixth grade play. Or before you get a shot for the first time. Its here.

I get up from my bed and put a robe on. I can't get my acceptance letter looking how I do. And yes, i will get accepted.

Why wouldnt I?

I have a 4.2 GPA, i'm involved in Mock Trial, science olympiad, and speech and debate, and i'm very organized.

I'm going to get accepted.

I run to my mailbox and quickly open the little door that holds my future.

Bill, bill, People Magazine, bill, Target coupon book, bill, sister's millionth warning letter saying if she doesnt stop talking in class she will be expelled, bill, MY LETTER.

Of corse it's at the bottom.

I run back to my house and throw the other mail on the dining room table. My feet go faster than my brain as i'm running up the stairs to my room. I have to tell my children that I was in my room when i got accepted to the best school in England.

Oh, England.

I've wanted to live there since 8th grade. Dont get me wrong, the U.S. is great, and i love California, but theres something about England that i have a soft spot for. Dont ask me what.

To: Olivia Cooper

Thank you for applying to our University! We looked over your application and was very impressed. Unfortunatly you are not accepted. Maybe next time!

From: University of Manchester

Tears started forming in my eyes. I have never felt this pain before in my life! I have worked so hard for this dream and it was just taken away from me in an instant.

I did so much for this dream. I learned the whole system of how schooling works, how to drive on the right side, how to translate dollars to punds, and i was even willing to pay extra for being an international student. But none of that matters because some lady behind a desk wouldnt even give me a chance.


Its been three days since the letter came.

The only thing I have eaten is a couple of apples and lots of water.

I only leave my room to go to the bathroom.

All I do all day is sleep, sob, and listen to sad music.

My mom was absolutly no help. She told me that it is just one school and I should just suck it up.

Thanks alot.

This school was about to be my life, I was about to leave everything behind for it. But I guess it doesnt want me.

I actually applied for other colleges but I didnt put as much effort into them as I did for England. If I didnt get into Manchester, I definatly didnt get into these.

I applied for San Diego State and University of the Pacific.

They are pretty good schools. I guess.

Hi Guys! First off, im not from England, so I am sorry if I got anything wrong. Second, I'm only in 9th grade so I dont know how a college letter works.

Obviously I have decided to publish the fanfiction! I hope you are as excited as me!

I would really apreciate it if you would comment. Its nice to get feedback from people. If you have any suggestions about anything, whether it be the story or my writing skills, just comment! i will definatly respond!

Also my One Direction accounts are:

Instagram: harryandniallssmile

Twitter: harryandniallssmile

pheed: harryandniallssmile

vine: harryandniallssmile

Well you get the point!

Thanks again!

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