'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


9. Valentines Date <3

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

I looked at what Flora threw me , it was my weed .Oh god Im suck a dumb ass why would I even have that hidden there . I quickly got up and stormed out the room . " Flo , Flo? " I said . I got no reply . I walked to Melissa's room and saw Flora and Mel there . Flora was playing with Mel . It made my heart hurt knowing I got her mad . " Flo baby please answer me " I begged her . I heard her tell Mel whispered something then Melissa said " Go way now " Melissa said without looking at me . Oh my little girl is mad too , just like her mom . " Not till your mommy here talks to me " I said . She walked up to the door , smiled and shut the door right in my face . " There you go I talked " she hissed at me . 

I missed her and her pissy self . 

I went back to the room and texted her . 

Justin: Im sorry baby please talk to me or something . :c </3 

I waited , nothing happened . I put on a shirt and then I got a message . 

Flora : Oh hey Didn't your shitty text was there -.-t

That hurt a lot  . 

Justin : Come on baby don't be mad I haven't smoked in like 2 months 

I read that she say the message and then she started to type .I decided to change her name to " Baby " 

 Baby : Oh do you want some flowers or a congratulation ballon . 

Justin : Come on Flo I had something planned for us for valentines day/ today I just can't blow it all off it took me a 3 weeks to plan everything and I WANT TO SPENT IT WITH YOU <3 

She's my everything how can she be like that . I want her . 

Baby: Oh . 

Oh was all she said whats up with her today ?! 

Justin : Whats wrong Baby ?! 

Flora : Don't call me baby and uhm oh nothing... 

Justin : Then come here . 


** Flora's P.O.V ** 

" JUSTIN STOO-P-P " Justin was tickling me and did i tell you I was on my days . Oh god . 

" Not till you tell me whats wrong " he had my hands behind my head and he was placed in my waist . 

" Come on you need to let go I need to pee. " I said 

" No pee on yourself " he said . 

" Justin Im not gonna pee , Now let me fucking go " I growled . 

" Woah there what kind of language is that " he said . 

" Justin get the fuck off , My fucking vagina is fucking bleeding now get up I need to pee " I growled at him and soon he got up when he saw I wasn't playing . 

I ran in the bathroom and did my business . 

I got out and Justin was laying on the bed . I wasn't mad at him well I kinda was . 

I quietly walked out the door and walked to the kitchen and grabbed chocolate and sat on the couch . 

" Mowmy I want dawdy to comee " she whined outta nowhere . I flinched " Oh its you i thought I was loosing my mind " I laughed . " Where's dawdy " she asked . " Melissa how many times do I gotta tell you one day you'll meet him princess ok " I said serious now . 

" oh okays " she walked away with her head down low . 

Hey I wasn't in the mood , I didn't want her to be sad , but how can I not be bipolar right now . 

" Honey come here " I said walking up to her and carrying her. 

" Lets go take a bath its 2 in the afternoon " I said walking up the stairs with her . 

" Yessss " she said . 

I was walking up to Melissa's room when someone grabbed my wrist , I looked down . 

It was Justin . " Oh My God you scared the boom outta me " I said . 

" Oh now you use different words huh ? " he said . 

" Oh shut it and what do you want " I asked . 

" Well Uhm w-we-l-ll y-you b-e-e m-my V-va-l-len-t-ine ? " He was stuttering Awh he was nervous . 

" Well uhm yeah I would love to be your valentine, " I said blushing . 

" Well I need to bathe Melissa here " I said walking the other direction . 


" Florenca " Justin said . Oh no when you calls me that it either means Im in trouble or I need to please him , Mhmmm Im going with the 2nd option . 

" Be there in a bit " I said . I grabbed a pad and changed it . 

I walked there and said " What ? " . 

" Get ready we're leaving at 7:15 " he said . " What about Mel " I asked worried . 

" I uhm kinda called your mom and said if she can take care of her till tomorrow " He smiled . " Glad my mom still likes you " I giggled . " Yeah me too " he laughed . " Ok let me get ready " I got in the room and locked the door . " HEY I NEED MY CLOTHES " Justin yelled . I giggled and opened the door . 


I was done , i had on a silk crepe butterfly dress , it is so beautiful . My hair was up some hair was down and like a little was up in curls( A/N look up the picture of selena wearing this dress and hair )  . I texted justin that I was about done . I grabbed my heels they were gold . I grabbed my hand held purse and my Iphone 5s and coat and ran out the room . You could hear the clicking noise the heels made from when I was running . " Flora " Justin said . I stopped when I got to the last step . " You look Perfect " he said .

I blushed and said " You look pretty Handsome " 

" Not as you " he said and made me blush more . 

" Jayy sshh " I tried to hush him . 

" Shall we go " he said . 

" Yeah " I said and he took my hand and interlace them . 


We arrived to the restaurant it was fancy and expensive . " Woah Justin don't you think this will cost a lot " i asked . 

" Yeah but I have money " he said not worry . 

" From where or what ? " I asked as we stepping foot inside . It was big and had channelers it was beautiful . 

" Table for 2 m'am" Justin said . 

" Mr. Bieber " she asked . 

" Yeah " " Right this way " the lady said . 

She led us to the table and sat down . 

" What will you have for drink " she asked . I think she was like in her twenties , she tried to flirt with Justin but it didn't bother me , I wasn't going out with him or anything. I rolled my eyes . " Your Justin Bieber " she said . He's eyes widen . " Yeah Im justin bieber " he said . " Ok uhm Ill like water thanks " I said looking down at the menu . 

" You got it and you JB " she asked Justin . 

" Uhm wine " he said . 

She left and got us our drinks . 

" She's nice why don't you go out with her " I said smiling . 

" I saw you getting jealous . and no I don't want her I want you " he smirked . 

" Yeah whatever " I sang to him . 


Me and Justin were having a great time talking and stuff . 

" Jay thanks for this nice date I loved it " I smiled . 

" No thank you for accepting this date " he smiled . 

" Should we go " I asked . 

" Yeah lets go home " he said and got up and wrapped his arms around me and we walked out . 

" Thanks a lot " I kissed his cheek and made my way to the car . 


Happy Valentines Day 

Hope you liked yours . 

I bought y'all chocolate like a lot . 

Go read mine and Justinslittleboo's Stories and Ill send you some chocolate from where I live to you . 

~BieberSmile and JustinsLittleBoo . 






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