'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


4. Study Night

** Flora's P.O.V **

I drove to my mom's house to leave Melissa there . I can't believe he meet her and I promised myself that would never happen . Im so dumb , " Mommy I liked Ju-u-stin " she stuttered to say his name . " Really honey " I asked " Si mami " . Yeah I taught her to speak spanish . " Awh will one day you'll see your daddy " I smiled . " Yeah papi " I laughed . " Ok we going to grandma's house " I said " Yay Grandma's house . " she giggled . " Ok we are here " I said " Unbuckle Mel " I said and hopped out the car to get Mel , she got out the car . " Come on run " I said . " I beat you " she laughed " Yay you're fast " I smiled . We got to the door and I pulled out my key . " MOM WE'RE HOME " I shouted for her . " COMING " she yelled back . I set Mel on a chair . " Mel you want apple or orange ?  " I asked " Apwle " she said . I cut the orange in 4 pieces and got a plate out and set it down in the table . " Here you go " I said . She started to eat it . Then my mom came downstairs .

" Hey Flora and Melissa " my mom said . 

"  Hello " I said . Mel Just waved her hand . 

" Hi princess " My mom went over to Melissa . " M-mom " I stuttered . 

I was deciding if I should tell her or no , I think I should tell her about Justin . 

" Si Flora ?" My mom answered . " Can w-we t-talk " I asked while stuttering 

" Yeah come on lets go to the Living room , Mel stay here and eat your Oranges" My mom said

" Ok " We walked in the living room and sat down on the couch . 

" What is it Flora ?" She asked worried and she should be . 

" W-well , A d-day a-ago I went t-to pick u-up M-mel from schoo-ol , and t-then I saw h-him " I was about to cry  . " Saw who honey " she asked more worried then before . " J-justin , M-mom, " I had a lump in my throat " And today h-he asked if h-he could meet our d-daughter " by now I was tearing up . " Oh , Honey you knew one day he would come " she hugged me . " She likes him Mom , Melissa told him something in his ear , " I said " She said something about being a daddy " I said . " Well , she is going to find out soon enough . " my mom said . " But she can't , I wish Justin wasn't here , that would have made everything easier for me and her " I said annoyed he came back . 

" Sorry honey , but he has the right to see her " Mom said . I shook my head . 

" No, I know he is the dad but,he wasn't here for her and he cheated i can't forgive him" i said

" Oh honey , Im sorry " she said said . I just hugged her and wiped my tears . 

" Mowmy " Mel said . " Yeah Princessa que quieres . " (Meant princess what do you want ). 

" I want to play with Jazzy " she pouted . 

" Oh honey you'll see her On Monday again ok " I said 

" Yews mowmy " she nodded her head and grabbed her doll . 

" Gwandmaw can we play dollies " Melissa asked . 

" Yeah baby come on lets go to your room " My mom said . 

" Well mami Im leaving adios Ma y Mel , Illl see you tomorrow , its saturday " I said 

"Ok Flora adios " she waved her hand and I left too meet Ashley . 


I got to Ash's door and knocked it . She opened it . 

" You made it " she pulled me in the house . 

" Duh Im not missing a study night " I laughed . 

" Ok so why were you late and why are your eyes red and puffy " she asked . 

Oh nice going Flora you forgot you were crying . I mentally face palmed me . 

" Oh its Just that Justin today wanted to met Mel and I promised myself 4 years ago that he wouldn't meet her and then I let him , whats wrong with me " I said . 

"Girl you messed up"Ash shook her head.

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks for the support"i said with a hint of sarcasm. 

"Well maybe the time is now for things to maybe you know..... recover" she said grabbing her books and getting them out on the table.

"I don't want things to recover! I can't recover, it's impossible"i spat.

"Then it would be a waste..... why do you think he came back her flo?"She asked.

"I mean he moved out of the house like a week after the cheating thing! He left you to go to school everyday for everyone to talk about you and Mel, And He has been gone for 4 Fucking years and then he just surprisingly pops out of nowhere once you get out of the hell hole of high school , and you get in college."she spats.

I started to cry. "Ash Those are the reasons why i don't wanna forgive him"i screamed.

"He came back for you flo, if he wasn't sorry then he would not be here"she said.

I grab my books and put them in my bag.

"Maybe he just came back for the slut he cheat on me with " i spat before walking to the door.

"Where you going"ash sighed.

"I need to figure this whole justin thing... because i can't do anything else"i said.

I walked out and got in my car and started driving out of ashley's driveway.

I got on my phone. 

"Hello?"i heard justin's voice on the other line.

I started to get nervous.

"Um erm Hey I-It's-"

"Flora"he said excited.

"Y-Yea.... i wanted to ask you something"i said pulling into my mom's driveway.

"Anything"he said.

"Could maybe i bring mel to your house tonight?"i asked.

I sure hope i don't regret this.

"I mean if you don't-

"Yes, million times yes, i'll text you the address."he said.

"Ok"i hung up fast and i got out of the car.

I went in the house and i saw mel on the floor playing barbies.

"MOWMY!"She screamed giving me a hug.

"I thought you were going to study all night"my mom said confused.

"Things didn't go as planned... but Mel"i said looking at Mel.

"Yes Mowmy"she said.

"You want to go see jaxon, and jazzy"i said.

She smiled wide.

"Yes yes!"she jumped.

"Is justin gowng too be there?"she asked.

I looked at my mom and she sighed.

"Yes sweetie"i smiled.

"LET'S GOO!"She screamed.

"Ok then get your stuff and say bye to grandma"i said.

Mel gave mom a big hug and packed all of her stuff in her bag.

"Good luck"My mom said giving me a kiss.

I laughed. "Yea i hope"i said grabbing Melissa's hand and walking out.


I pulled up to the address justin sent me. I helped melissa get out and we walk up to the door and mel knocked on the door.

I laughed at her cuteness. 

Justin opened the door and smiled when he saw me. He looked down and he saw Mel and his face brightened. 

"Hi cutie 1 and 2" justin said.

Melissa giggled and gave justin and big hug and justin hesitantly looked at me and i smiled.

He hugged her back.

"Is jazzy and jaxon here?"i asked.

"Yea there upstairs."he said looking down at Mel.

We came inside and i looked around the house.

"Go on Mel go play with them"i said.

She ran upstairs.


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