'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


11. Need A Break

** Flora's P.O.V ** 

I was driving to my mom's house , I need clothes for me and Melissa , Im leaving to have a break . Ill go to the campus and tell them I have to be out for a week and come back . Im leaving Melissa with Justin , he wants to be with her and thats what will happen . I arrive to my mom's house sooner then I expected it to be . I got out and opened the door . 

" Mom do you have a luggage ? " I asked her . 

While getting out clothes for Melissa . 

" yeah ? why do you need it for ? " she asked . 

" Im packing some stuff more Melissa " I said . 

She nodded her head and left the luggage in the bed . 

I packed Melissa's clothes , like 6 pairs of clothes , she's spending a week there . 

I went to my room and packed some clothes and got some money I have saved from College . 

" Ok mom , Ill be back next week on tuesday " I said to her . 

" Where are you going " She asked . 

I shrugged and left the house , before I packed Melissa's clothes I made a letter for her .

Saying  : 
Baby , Im leaving you with Justin for a week , Im sorry I just need a break from everything , Ill be back on tuesday , Im so sorry baby . I hope Justin takes good care of you . Don't call me or text me , Imma be alright , Make sure you go to school . Be a good girl , listen to Justin whatever he says . Take care baby , Ill come back just need a break ! .Love you so much . Te Amo Bebe !~ Love Mommy  

It broke my heart , but it had to be done . Now Im driving back to Justin's house . 

I got there and knocked the door and quickly ran off . I saw from the car , that Justin looked confused . He opened the letter 

I saw his face dropped as his hand scanned the note.

He gripped it tightly in his hand and slammed the door behind him.

I let out a shaky breath.

I drove off down the road ready for a relaxing week ahead of me.


I through the cabin trying to find my cell phone when i heard it ringing.

I saw i left it on the side table in the living room.

I ran over and picked it up and answered without looking.

"Hello?"I said.

"Hey um it's justin"He whispered the last part.

He finally contacted me three days into this fucking vacation.

I could be honest 

Imissed jay and his flawless face, oh and those lips, and his sweet touch.... ok ok stop flo just stop.

"Oh hey"That's all i said!

"Um how's Melly?"I asked desperately.

"She is playing tag with jaxon and jassy outside with my dad"He said.

I smiled lightly.

"Oh well thanks for taking care of her i'll see you when i get mel"I said trying to end this convo as soon as possible.

"Um Flo wait"He whispered.

I felt myself stop.

"Yes"I mumbled.

"I'm sorry"His voice cracked.

I felt my heart kind break.....

it sounds like he cared.

"I'm just sorry for smoking you know and.... well making your life a living hell... and i know it probably won't change anything.... but i want you to understand..... that i smoked because i was depressed i didn't have you...."He spoke.

I bit my lip.

"I'm just really love you... flo... i wanna punish myself for what i did to you... because i deserve it ..... every little bit"He said.

I think he shed a tear or two.

"Don't punish yourself"I sighed.

"That's the last thing i want"I said.

"I mean you already did with all those drugs and you kinda saw my reaction to that..."i said.

I heard him sniffle.

"I'm sorry i'm just so so sorry"His voice so gently and soft with each word.

I started crying.

"Justin it's just hard you know.... hard to forgive a heartbreaker"I lightly sobbed.

"I'm still your heartbreaker"He sounded kind of hurt.

I felt bad for some reason but why?

You love him still , stupid!

My brain yelled.

"I don't know"i whispered.

"Ok i gotta go melly is coming inside"Justin said.

"Dawdy who you tawlking to!"I heard Mel's sweet voice.

"Did she just call you daddy?"I said.

"Yeah.... um Mel i'm on a important call princess, i'll be up in a minute to tuck you in"He said.

"Ok i'll go get in my pj's!"She giggled.

I smiled wide.

"Ok princess"he said chuckling. 

"But tou have to swing me a swong latwer ok"She said.

"I promise baby girl"He said.

I felt some tears stream down my face.

No matter how much i thought i hated justin..... i felt like i actually didn't hate him at all.

I'm still deeply in love with jay.

"Love you dawdy"She yelled.

I wiped away my tears and smiled big.

"Justin"i laughed.

"Yeah"He chuckled back.

"I think we should tell mel that your her dad for like real...."I said.

"Really.... oh wow!"He cheered.

I smiled.

"I already did so long ago but i don't have a problem saying it again and again and again-"i cut him off.

"Wait what"i said.

"She already knows..... and when i told her she was like it's obvious because well we look the same and well it's pretty noticeable"He explained.

"So you just told her without my say!"I spat.

"Yeah because she is my child to..... she is our's we share her for now on"He said.

"What if i don't wanna share "our" daughter"i said.

"Then your selfish babe"he chuckled.

I roll my eyes.

"I can try to share"i said.

"Sharing is caring baby"Justin whispered trying to sound sexy.

Which was pretty successful.

"Ok but i need to go sing to melly"He said.

"Don't hang up i wanna hear"I spit out not thinking.

"Ok then "He whispered.

I heard him stomping up the stairs.

"Those shoe's make a lot of fucking nose don't they lol"i joked.

"Shut up "he chuckled.

"I'm putting you on speaker so don't make a sound ok"he whispered.

"Ok"I whispered back trying not to laugh.

Justin snorted showing he try to hold a laugh to.

I heard a door creak.

"There's the princess"He said.

"Ok juju sing me a song"She cooed.

Her speech is getting so much better.

"Girl you don't know how I feel (how I really feel)

Since you been away, oh baby
Any chance that you could take my call (take my call), If I called you today.
Girl you say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool.
I've been thinking 'bout you all day long, hoping you pick up your phone

And I know that I don't wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go
'Cause I really wanna be alone
And baby nobody else gotta know
Just meet me later all alone

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart is breaking (heartbreaker)
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart is breaking (heartbreaker)

(Aye girl, aye girl)
Girl you see me standing here (standing here)
Standing in the rain (oh baby)
Any chance that you could stay right here (yeah, yeah, yeah)
And never go away (eh, eh, eh)

Girl you say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool
I've been thinking about you all day long, hoping you pick up your phone

And I know that I don't wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go (secret place that we can go)
'Cause I really wanna be alone (I really wanna be alone)
And baby nobody else gotta know (nobody else)
Just meet me later on the low (would you meet me on the low, girl)

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker (baby don't tell me, no)
'Cause girl my heart's breaking (heartbreaker)
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker (oh baby)
'Cause girl my heart's breaking (heart is breaking)"

I was just hearing his soft voice sing.... it was so beautiful.

"Goodnight mel"I heard him whisper.

i smile a little.

"So what I'm really trying to say is, and what I hope you understand
Is despite of all the imperfections of who I am I still wanna be your man
I know it hasn't been easy for us to talk with everyone being around
But, this is personal, this is, for me and you
And I want you to know that I still love you
I know the seasons may change
But sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain
But I'm under this umbrella and I'm calling your name
And you know I don't wanna lose that
I still believe in us
I still believe in love
I still believe in us
I hope you believe in us
The way I believe in us"He spoke.

I heard him shut the door. 

"So yea um... she's asleep"he said.

"What was that last part for"i said fast.

"Oh it's apart of the song i wrote."he said.

"Oh well it's good..."I said.

I walked to the bedroom and looked at all my stuff.

"Ok um flora i'm gonna sleep , so um goodnight and sweet dreams"he said.

"Goodnight"i sighed.

I hung up the phone and dropped it on the bed.

"This .... just doesn't feel right"i whisper.

"It doesn't feel like home"i said out loud.

I grab my bag and stuff all my belongs in it quickly and i ran in the bathroom getting all my bath stuff and my makeup and put it in my hand bag.

I ran back to my bag and put it in there. 


I pulled up to justin's house finally.

I took a deep breath and saw it was 3 am.

So much driving i feel like i could throw up.

I feel a little better feeling some air and actually walking.

I make my way to the door and i just let myself in.

I saw it was dark but someone was in the kitchen.

I slowly tip toe and see justin drinking his second beer because there was the first one on the counter. 

I frown and see him stare at the wall like it was so important.

He took a quick sip before slamming it down causing me to jump.

He ran his hands down his face.

"She doesn't love me"he laughed to himself.

"Justin your so stupid"He said pulling his hair.

I stood there just watching him carefully.

"Why do you hurt her"he whispered.

"She'll never love you back"He whispered.

He cared more than i thought.

I sucked on the air and bit my lip.

He threw the bottles away in he trash angry.

He turned around and his red eyes landed on me.

His body froze.

"Justin"I said with a tear streaming down my face.

"I-I came here to tell you that... i still believed in us... you know.... but i feel like you just stopped believing in us"I whispered.

"No"He shook his head still froze in place.

We looked at each other the room was awkward.

I sighed.

"J-Justin"I whispered.

"Mhm"He said finally moving a little.

"No matter how much i push you away and tell you i don't love you..... i always lie...."I said.

He looked like he was holding his breath.

"Because i'm in fucking love with you justin"i confessed.

"And i can't stop"I walked over and grabbed his arm and pulled him close to me and i laid my lips on his. 

He kissed back with so much love like i did.

Oh the butterflies...

Sliding my tongue in his mouth he moaned in my mouth.

He grabbed me and pulled me closer and his body was pushed up on mine which caused me to moan lightly.

I felt his hands go under my ass.

"Jump"He said against my lips.

I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist and he placed me on what i think was the kitchen table.

He started to kiss down my neck and started slowly sucking leaving marks.

"Justin"I moaned.

His tongue dragged along my sweet spot making me run my rans threw his hair and pulling it slightly.

"Dawdy"The small voice make us jump.

I looked by the door and nobody was there.

"Did you hear that, i think it was Mel"He said.

"Yeah i did"I whispered.

"Dawdy , where are you "She said.

We heard footsteps going down the stairs.

"Go hide get out.... Mel can't see you back so soon"He said.

"But why?"I asked.

"Just go"He said.

I hurried and ran in the big pantry and hid in there.



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