'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


10. " Mommy Me Sick !"

** Flora's P.O.V ** 

Its been about 2 weeks since me and Justin had the Valentines date . I woke up to Melissa crying to her nightmare , I looked at the clock and saw it was  1:34 in the morning . I was about to get up when a force held me down . " Go back to sleep baby , Ill take care of it " Justin said before he got up to go check on Melissa , It felt good knowing he'll be there for her . " Ssh baby , Go back to sleep Ill stay here till you fall asleep " I heard Justin say . I smiled and fell back asleep . 

I woke up to Melissa crying . 

This is odd no she has never woken up 2 times in a night . 

Justin was asleep , like I hoped . 

I got up but Justin had an arm around me . 

" Let her cry she'll be quiet in a minute " He mumbled . 

" Justin she has never woken up 2 times in a night " I said . 

I got out of Justin's grip and ran to Melissa's room . 

" Sweetie are you ok " I went to her bed and carried her . 

" Oh my god you have a fever and your sweating . " I said touching her forehead . 

" Mowmy I don't feel good " She whined . 

" i know baby , what hurts " I asked . 

" My stomach and I fe-" before she could finish , she threw up . 

She started to cry , she has never been like this . 

I walked down stairs with a crying Melissa 

I got out the thermometer to check her Fever . 

" Flora what's going on " Justin said behind me . 

" Justin she has a fever , I've never seen her this sick " I worried . 

" Let me carry her . " he carried Melissa . 

" She just threw up " I said wanting to cry cause I don't know what to do now . 

I always knew what to do , but I guess I forgot . 

" Baby till be alright " He said . 

" Mowmy , I feel hot " she whined . 

" I know baby , but Justin is going to take care of you , while I go get your medicine " I said . 

" No baby , let me go buy them you take care of her ." I turned around . 

Can't he stopped calling me baby . 

" No I know the medicine you don't " before he can say anything else I flew out the door .

I got in the car and drove to the pharmacy it was only 8 minutes away . 

I got there and quickly ran to the store and went to the medicine section . 

" Miss do you need help with someth- " I looked at her and Saw it was Tia Carmen

" Hola Mija como estas , y Melissa donde esta " She asked me . 

" Hi Tia Im good and Melly is home with uhm Justin " I said . 

She widen her eyes . " Como que esta con ese chamaco

" Sorry Tia , I need to buy Melissa medicine she got sick , what do I need to help her . " I asked. 

" Uhm first oh all , you need this " she handed me and Bottle of Children Advil " And this " she handed me an ice box , " Here this is all " she handed me another bottle of Robitusion . 

" Ok how much is it " I asked . 

" No Mija go take it to melissa and get her better . " I shook my head . 

I handed her a 20 dollar bill and left before she could argue with me . 

I drove back to the house with the stuff to sure Melissa . 

I got out the car and ran in to hear Melissa crying and A very frustrated Justin . 

I ran over to him " No Flora i got this ok " he seemed very frustrated he couldn't take care of her . 

" No Justin Im here Ill take her now " I tried to get her . 

" No give me the medicine . " he looked very needy to cure her daughter so i let him . 

" ok here ya go " I handed him the medicine . 

" Ok baby take it you'll feel better " He told Melissa . 

She took a sip and threw the medicine . 

" Melissa take the medicine it'll make you feel better " I yelled at her . 

She cried harder . " Ugh baby don't scream at her " justin glared at me . 

She looked at me and back at justin , she didn't want the medicine . 

" Call me when she has taken the damn Medicine , y Melissa manana te vas con tu abuela " I said said and made my way to the room and slammed the door . 

" What did mowmy say in spanish " I heard justin ask Melly . 

" Take the medicine " Justin added . I guess she dranked it cause justin said " Good baby " 

" S-she s-a-id I-Im g-going t-to g-gran-d-dma t-t-omor-row " She sniffled . 

" Well im not letting mom take you " He said . 

I rolled my eyes.

I went over to my stuff and i gathered it all.

I Just really wanna go and get away with melly and go back to how things were without justin or anyone in our way....

There was a knock at the door.

Justin came in and shut the door.

"What the hell are you doing?" He spat.

I looked at him.

"I'm packing ... were leaving justin..."i said.

He walked over and threw my stuff on the floor.

I pushed him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you"I growled.

"Your not leaving"he said sternly.

"First off you can't tell me what i can and can not do! I'm done justin ok... i'm ready to go back to the life where me and mel were actually happy and we were without you!"I poked his chest hard.

I grab my stuff off the ground and justin took it from me and threw it again.

I slap his cheek and he tensed up.

"Things were just getting good Flo ! We were actually getting along... i was fucking rebuilding you... and i'm still in the process  and you wanna run away! No you can't i have waited to long to see you... to feel you.... to care for you...." He walked closer as i backed up and hit the all.

"You gave me this chance and you can't take it back"He growled.

"Justin... we aren't together! You think we are! you call me names like baby and babe but you shouldn't because i am not your stupid little girlfriend... or your wife.... i'm not even your damn friend... so stop calling me your fucking bab-

He grabbed me cutting me off. 

He kissed me forcefully.

I tried to push him away but he was to strong.

I had to admit that he had good skills at kissing.

Thats what i missed about him.

I pushed him away finally.

"You think you can just fucking kiss me and i'll just melt in your arms"

He didn't answer.

I grabbed my things and swung the bag over my shoulder.

"Well sorry justin i'm not like the bitch you cheated on me with"I said before running out of the room.

"FLORA!"I hear him yell.

"Momwy?"Melly said.

"Yes sweetie"i whispered running my hands threw her hair. 

"Are you and dawdy ok?"She asked.

My heart sunk.

Did Mel really just say justin was her dad.

I was hesitant.

"Baby you stay with justin... mommy is going out right now... ok "I kiss her head.

She lays back down.

I run out of the room and make my way down stairs and run to the door.

"Flora where are you going"His voice cracked.

He had tears down his cheeks.

"Out"i said before slamming the door behind me.

Now on my way to my mom's.


Thanks to @Justinlovesme she wrote most of this but i thought i could finish it!


Hhah thanks for favs,likes,and coments 

Please read all of @Justinlovesme stories :P

Help me out on jerek twins please?

~Justinslittleboo & JustinLovesMe 












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