'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


7. " Let Me explain what Happen "

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

I was making dinner when Mel was crying in her nightmare . I ran up stairs and checked on her she was sweating . I carried her . " Its ok baby Daddy is here "I kissed her forehead . She woke up . She was crying . " Daddy where's mommy I want mommy " She asked crying . " She's here coming from College now don't call me daddy ok baby " i said . She nodded her head . " It was just a nightmare , what happen in it " i asked sitting her down in my lap . " It was scawy " She said with big eyes . " It was a dream about , how they took mowmy away from you and you triw to get her back but she didn't like you . " she said . " Oh baby , its just a dream Im not letting mommy go " I said and hugged her . " MELISSA " I heard Flora shout . I carried her out and brought her downstairs . " Please stay , I got this huge house and its empty , Please Flo " I said while laying a sleepy Mel in the couch . " Why do you have a huge house ? " She asked . Come on Justin make up something , don't tell her about it . " I don't know , I came back for you " I said . 

" This whole house is just for us ?" She asked .

" Uhm yeah , I got money ,what do you think Im still that Douche bag " I said 

" Haha " she laughed sarcastically " Uh yeahh " she finally said . 

" Mhm " I walked closer to her , she backed up until she hit the wall . 

" Justin back up " She tried to push me back . 

" Nah , I like being this close to you " I moved closer to her face . 

" Uh " was all she said . 

I brushed ,my lips against hers and crashed my lips to hers . 

" * kiss * You * kiss * Have *kiss * No * kiss* Idea * kiss * How * kiss * Much * kiss* I * kiss * Love * kiss * You . " I said in between kisses . 

" Justin * kiss * Stop *kiss * " she pulled away 

I held her closer and kissed her more passionately . 

I felt her relax , I smiled in the kiss . 

I pulled away . " You are mine and she is too " I pointed too Mel . 

" Im not yours , and she is ours " Flora said , trying to get outta my grip . 


" Don't yell at me you know how much I fucking hate when people yell at me " she said 

I groaned , " Baby , " I said . 

" don't call me that Im not your baby " She said annoyed . 

" Uh I think you are, " I said smirking . 

" Im going , Let me get Mel from the couch " She said  

" Not tell you let me explain what happen , Your still hurt and I want to fix up those broken pieces " I said . " No Justin you've done enough , Please let me go " She begged . " Flora Maria Martinez , Mi amor let me explain " I said . " You still remember huh and Im not your Amor " she said . " Of course , what do you think I would have forgotten the most beautiful Mexican girl , I know and yes you are Mi Amor " I said . " Justin I gotta go study for a test I have Friday , I can't fail it . Im going to be a doctor . " she was walking over to Melissa to pick her up. 

I wrapped me arms around her waist . 

" Please stay , for a week let me explain or at least get to know her " I bit her ear lope 

" Justin I seriously need to study I need no distractions not from you or anyone " She said . 

" Fine then you'll have to leave Melissa here " I said letting go of her waist . 

" No Im not leaving her here , with you " She said . 

" Oh yes you are " I said .

She turned around and faced me . 

" What do I have to do for you to leave me alone " she said clearly annoyed . 


She glared at me and ran upstairs  . 

She slammed a door shut . 

" Great Justin you just pissed her off " I said to myself . 

I ran upstairs and looked at every door , to check which one was locked . 

Once I got to the door I knocked on it . 

" Flo open the door " I said quietly . 

" Back away Bieber now " she said . 

" No Im not backing away " I said . 

" Bieber back up " she groaned in frustration 

" Ok then come out " I said . I didn't back away I stayed still . 

She opened the door and came out . 

She had been crying . " Uhm " 

" Im sorry " I said . She looked away . 

" Im tired Im getting Melissa " she walked past me . 

She went to get Mel and brought her upstairs . 

She got In Melissa's room and got in with her . 

" Flora come here " I said opening the door . 

I found Melissa sleeping . 

" What " she spoke softly . 

" Im sorry Baby let me explain please " I begged her . 

" Not right now Im uh too tired " she said 

First time she didn't tell me to shut up , about the baby thing . 

" Let Melissa sleep you can sleep in my bed or any other room " I afford . 

" Uh ok I guess" she kissed Melissa's forehead and came out . 

" What room ? " i asked . 

She shrugged " Doesn't matter " she mumbled . 

" My room it is " I said wrapping an arm around her waist . 

She walked away from me and ran to the room . 

" Baby , " I started . 

" Don't call me that " she quietly said . 

" No , Baby Im going to explain whether you like it or not " I said . 

She didn't answer , so I went ahead . 

" Ok well , Remember you walked in and you saw that girl in with my my jersey , " I looked at her and she gave me a quick nod . " Well , she threaten me if I didn't do it with her " I said with tears in my eyes . From the corner of my eye , I saw her wipe a tear away and bit her lip . " She told me she would have killed you if the test came back positive , " I started to sob . She came and wrap her arms around my neck . " She wanted to kill you and our daughter I couldn't let that happen , I would have killed myself if anything happen to you or her , after she got what she wanted she left the next day . Then I went and fucked any girl I could find to take my anger out . I was still a douche bag even before I met you , I flirted , I fucked , I did what ever I wanted . I smoked and did drugs . I left canada for awhile and went to California . I missed you but I had to stay there for things and decided to take a break and come back " I was crying . 

" Your still My heartbreaker and my cheater " she said kissing my cheek 

" Thanks for the lies by the way " she let her hands go and walked away . 

But before she could , I wrapped my arms around my waist . 

" I explain , let me fix this Let me fix your broken heart " I begged . 

" Lies , but I give in " she faintly smiled . 

" There not lies " I kissed her and pulled away . 

" Im tired Ill change and go to bed . " she said . 


Hey beautiful people hope you enjoyed this chapter 

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