'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


3. Can I Meet Her ?!

** Flora's P.O.V ** 

I woke up to Mel crying in her sleep , its another nightmare . I got up and it was 6:45 already and Im going to be late . I ran to her room and carried her . " Baby wake up its time to get ready " I lightly shook her . " Imma uppie " she said . I love her so much " Ok Mi Amor , what do you want to put on today for school " I asked her . " uh I want thiws mowmy " she pulled out , A pink shirt and a pair of blue jeans and pink with black vans . " Alright princess lets get you changed " I tickled her . " Awh Mowmy s-stowp it pleawse " she begged " Ok honey now lets change you " I pulled her shirt over her head and changed it to the shirt she wanted and then pulled off her pj pants and put on the jeans . I slipped on her shoes and she was almost ready . " Mowmmmyy where's dawddyy " she asked again . " Uhm honey I don't know do you want to talk to him " I asked worried she'll say yes. 

I don't want Justin to see or meet her . 

" Yesh I do " she pouted . " Well one day you'll see him I promise " I said 

" Ok now Im going to do you hair and then Ill change ok " She nodded her head . I did her hair in a side ponytail and I was done . 

" Ok Mel now Im going to change be right  back " I said . 

I got to my room and took a quick shower. When I was done I wrapped a towel around me and hopped out . 

I changed into a pair of Black skinny jeans with a pink shirt that had minnie mouse, and with converse with a messy bun. 

" Ok Princess lets go eat breakfast . " I held her hand and walked with her downstairs. 

I made her pancakes and bacon she doesn't like eggs . 

" You done baby " I asked her . She nodded her heads . 

" Ok lets go to school , to see Jaxon and Jazzy " I smiled .

" Yeshh Lets go lets go " she said excited . 

I carried her to the car and sat her down in her boost . I buckled her up. " You ready to go to school are you forgot something " I asked . " Lets gooo " she chanted . " Alright honey ." I said and got in to the drivers seat . I buckled myself and drove to Melissa's day car . Right then my phone Buzzed , I think I have a message I looked at the contact . Great Just Great . Justin Bieber , oh god . I unlocked my phone and read the message : 

Justin: Hey Flo how are you ? c: 

Me : Im great -.- Gtg bye . 

I texted and then got a text right after , I ignored it and kept driving to school . 

" Alright where here unbuckle " I said . She did as was told . 

I hopped out the car and opened the door for her to get out . 

" Alright honey today you going to Grandma's house no Daycare " I said . 

" Awhs okays " she pouted . I took her to class . 

We were playing around when Jaxon and Jazzy walked in , Melly let go of my hand and ran to them . 

Just then Justin walked in with them . " Baby come here . " I shouted at Mel . 

She ran to me . " What mowmy ? " she asked confused . 

" Im going Ill see you later ok " I said and she kissed my cheek and ran back to Jaxon . 

I ran out before Justin could trap me again . 

 I got in the car and drove to campus . 


" Ash I told her one day she'll meet him " I said 

" That day is close then " Ash said . " I know I know " I shook my head . 

" She's going to find out soon " Ash said with a smirk . 

" Yeah whatever , lets go meet up with Derek at lunch , I need to go study " I said . 

" Alright Ill see you at lunch and at my house too " I laughed and nodded my head . 

I was walking out side to the yard of the campus and found a spot on the ground by a tree , so I have shade . I laid down with my book and pulled out my phone and looked at Justin's message . ( J= Justin & F= Flora ) 

J: Stop trying to ignore me .! 

I then texted to him . 

F: Im just tired of you ok . :c 

He is still my heartbreaker since 4 years ago . 

J: Im sorry please let me explain . 

Ugh how many times do I have to tell him no , I don't want him to  

F: Noooo I don't to hear it . !! 

I open my book and started to read and look over it . 


Its been 40 minutes that I have studied and I only had 20 minutes of lunch . 

I got up from the ground and ran to the building , Ashley is going to be mad . 

I got to lunch, went in line and got a sandwich. And found the table where Ashley and Derek where . 

" Hey guys " I smiled at them . 

" Hey Mrs. Late , where were you " Derek asked . 

" Out in the yard studying , you know I need good grades " I said in a duh sound . 

He laughed . " Right , so hows Mel " he asked . 

" Good , she met this twins " I said and ate my chicken sandwich . 

" What are there names , Cause there is new twins that jus came " he said . 

" Jaxon and Jazzy " I said knowing they were justin's brother . 

" Bieber Kids " he said . " You know them ?" I asked 

" Yeah of course , there with Justin bieber , My cousin " I almost threw up my sandwich .  

" WAIT WHATT !?" I yelled . He nodded his head . 

" Oh ," I said " Yeah he is " he said . " Well that was nice I need to go pick up Mel from school." 

" Ok bye Flora Ill see you at my house right " Ashley asked . 

" Yeah I need to go bye " I ran and got in the car . 


** 20 minutes later ** I got to Mel's school and waited till it was 2 . Right now it was 1:48 . 

I got on twitter and posted a tweet  

@Flora_Martinez Out waiting for my baby <3 

I was so bored so I went on instagram and posted a picture of me in the car sticking out my tongue .

Caption :' Bored outside of Mel's school nothing to do :* . ' 

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

I was outside waiting for , Jazzy and Jaxon to get out of school . 

I got my phone out and went on twitter where I saw Flo tweeted . 

@Flora_Martinez Out waiting for my baby <3 

I retweeted it , cause it was ' OUR ' child not just hers . 

I then tweeted @JustinBieber Waiting on my brother and sister to get out of school :p 

It was 2 already , I saw the little kids run round excited . 

I got out the car and saw Flo walk up to out child . 

I smiled at the little girl . I walked up to Jaxon and Jazzy . 

Who were talking to Flora . 

" Hey little guys " I smiled at them . 

" Hey Juju " They chimed and laughed . 

" Alright who's you new friend " I asked Jaxon . 

Jaxon was shy , awh that was cute but he is not going out with his Niece . 

" Its F-flora " he said . I turn to face flora , who was grabbing the little girls hand . 

Im guessing our child . " Uhm Flora can we talk " I asked . 

" Uhm y-yeah I-I g-guess " she said nervous . 

" Can I meet her Please " I asked . 

" Meet who ? " she asked confused 

I pointed to the girl . 

" You mean Melissa " she asked . I nodded my head

" Please let me meet her.. I mean my daughter " I rephrased it . 

" Ugh come on " she said and grabbed , Melissa's hand . 

" Hey baby lets go meet Jaxon and Jazzy's brother " she said . 

" Okays " Melissa said . 

" Ok honey this is Justin , Justin this is Melissa " She introduce her . 

" Hey there princess , how are you " I asked 

" Im fiwne " she giggled . Her giggle was so cute . 

I examine her features , she had my eyes , her hair was my hair color , her nose looked like flora's everything looked like flora except for her eyes and hair . 

" Princess I thought I was your princesws " Jazzy complained 

" Oh you are Jazzy " I said and she giggled . 

" Alright it was nice meeting you Mel , Ill see you soon . " I smiled at her . 

She smiled and she came over and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear . 

" I wish you were my dawdy you and mowmy will be perfewct " She pulled away and smiled . 

" Bye sweet heart Some day that will happen I promise . " I gave her a reassured smiled . 

" What will happen " Flora asked " Its a pwomise " Mel said . 

" You want do what ever she says " she stared at me . " Cant promise I already promised " I smirked . 

" Ugh " she groaned frustrated " Alright baby lets go home to grandma  " Flora said . 

" Bye flo see you soon " I said . She froze and looked at me . 

" Bye Jayy " she ran to her car and buckle up Mel . 

I ran with Jazzy and Jaxon to the car , I sat them and buckled them and drove back home .. 


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