It's kind of a mixture between fifty first dates and the vow. 19 year old Elle's life is flipped upside down when she gets into a car crash and gets short term memory loss due to brain damage. One year later things seem to be shaping up for her when she meets a boy she can remember.


3. *chapter three*

Elle's POV:
I was waiting in the brisk winter air for a few minutes until cute brunette with a blue t-shirt answered the door. 
"Dakota you came!" He smiled and hugged her. I was a little bit confused because he wasn't Louis. 
"Hi Liam. This is my friend Elle." She pulled away and gestured to me
"Nice to meet you Elle" he had an adorable british accent that made me smile. He held out his hand to shake
"Nice to meet you too" I smiled as I shook his hand. 
"Come in its freezing outside." He opened the door wider and let us in. I walked in and looked around. There weren't that many people here and it didn't seem like a crazy party like the last one had been. 
"Is this your party?" I asked Liam since he had answered the door.
"Yeah. It started as a small work party and then I invited Louis and the gang and Louis invited Dakota and since Niall couldn't come I told Dakota she could bring a friend and she brought you"
"What's your job?" 
"Kindergarten teacher." We sat at a table with Louis, some curly haired guy making out with a blonde girl, Liam of course and even after I sat down there was an empty chair.
"Where's Zayn?" Liam asked. 
"He got bored and went out to smoke" Louis replied. Liam rolled his eyes
"Gross now my porch is going to reek as usual." I looked at my phone confused as to who they were talking about. Liam got up to talk to one of his colleagues and Louis and Dakota left. It was just me and the couple making out. Being grossed out by the extreme public display of affection I decided to go find the elusive Zayn.
I wandered around for a bit until I found the back door. I opened it and went outside. There was a dark haired man sitting out there not smoking but drinking. He was gorgeous, perfect cheek bones, an amazing jawline and eyes you could get lost in. He was wearing a leather jacket and he got up when he saw me.
"Hi I'm Elle. I'm assuming your Zayn but I thought you smoked." 
"Well I am Zayn but I don't smoke anymore I just used to because I knew none of the lads would come out here if I was smoking so I did and then I quit and they don't even check anymore. Do you want a beer?" I didn't usually drink and I was supposed to drive myself home and one beer wouldn't make a big difference.  So I took one from him and sat down, leaning against the porch. He put his leather jacket over my bare shoulders. 
"You look cold." I smiled. He was nice.
"Thanks" I blushed a little.
"Does Louis talk about Dakota a lot?"
"Yeah." He laughed a bit
"Dakota does the same its super annoying." I laughed. I put my arms into the sleeves of his jacket.
"So do you work?" He asked 
"I'm a waitress. It sucks. I work at Donna's Diner"
"I used to go there all the time with my mum. I'm a tattoo artist." 
"Cool. I don't have any tattoos. Maybe you could give me one sometime." I sipped my beer and then finished it. He saw it was empty and handed me another one. I held it in my hand and stared at it unsure whether or not I wanted to drink it
"Do you drink?" 
"As far as I can remember," a bit ironic since I literally can't remember "I haven't had a drink in a year and it didn't end well." Maybe I'm under-exaggerating a bit but I think its better if he doesn't ask and get the truth.
"What exactly do you mean?" Why did he have to ask? He should know that its not polite to ask people about their life tragedies. 
"I got into a car crash. Dakota was driving. We were both drunk." That's the truth its just not the whole truth.
"Oh I'm sorry." Pity. I don't need pity a car crash isn't worthy of pity. We were dumb it was our fault so don't be sorry for us. I try to keep all my emotions inside and just cooly sip my beer. We talk for a while and as the night wears on I feel myself getting increasingly more and more drunk. He stands up.
"I should get going"
"Can you drive?" He seems just as drunk as I am, if not even more. He laughs 
"I live next door." Then suddenly he is gone. It hits me suddenly, tomorrow all of this will be gone. I won't know who's leather jacket I am wearing, I won't remember laughing with him, his face, his perfect smile. This depresses me. I want to remember him. I will remember him. I curl up into a small ball on the porch and start to cry. After about 20 minutes I drift off to sleep. 

Liam's POV:
Everyone has left. The party had a great turn out. I'm cleaning up when suddenly my phone rings. I pick it up, Dakota is calling me. I don't even know how I got her number saved into my phone or how she got mine. Nevertheless I answer it.
"Liam this is Dakota. Where is Elle? I've called her like a million times and she hasn't picked up. If she's hurt or went home with someone this is really bad." I can hear the panic in her voice. I faintly remember Elle. She's pretty, green eyes, red hair, good body.
"Okay Dakota calm down. I'm sure she's fine. I'll look around for her. I'll call you as soon as I find her"
"Okay." I hear her sigh in relief "bye" I hang up and finish cleaning, just in case she's hiding under the trash. I'm confused as to why a 20 year old girl can't handle going to someone's house or being hurt on her own but I look anyways. 
I've nearly given up until I look out my back door, onto my porch. Outside there is a red headed girl passed out, wearing a green sparkly dress and a leather jacket. I open the door and pick her up scared of waking her. I carry her up the stairs into a spare bedroom and I lay her down on the bed. I pull the cover over her and run downstairs to call Dakota. 
"I found her its okay." 
"Thank you Liam I owe you"

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