It's kind of a mixture between fifty first dates and the vow. 19 year old Elle's life is flipped upside down when she gets into a car crash and gets short term memory loss due to brain damage. One year later things seem to be shaping up for her when she meets a boy she can remember.


1. *Chapter One*

Elle's POV:

It all started a year ago. Dakota and I were on the way back from a party. We both had a lot to drink bur since she was usually the better driver, she was behind the wheel. I was laughing at something she had said, I can't even remember what it was now, I was looking out the window and laughing to myself. Suddenly she screamed and we were in another lane and there was a bright light. Then everything went dark


All of the sudden I woke up. I looked around, I was in a hospital room. I cringed from the splitting pain that I felt in my head and the loud ringing in my ears. I stood up and tried to walk but I couldn't due to the IV I was hooked up to. I looked at my feet and nearly screamed due to scars, they were everywhere. I looked around some more as a doctor approached me.

"Ah you're up." he said as I sat back down on the bed. I looked around feeling terrified but I tried not to react. I felt like I was forgetting something and then it came to me, Dakota.

"Where's Dakota? Is she okay?" I asked the fear filling me. Had she died? Was she hurt?

"Your friend is fine do not worry. She broke her right leg when the car totaled. She should be okay in a month or so." He replied. I let out a sigh of relief. 

"So what's wrong with me?" Nothing seemed major, just scars and pain.

"We think you may have damaged your brain after the airbags didn't deploy. There is no real way of telling for a few days. Don't worry just rest and your mum will be let in to visit."

"When can I go home?" I asked longing for my cozy bed.

"We will let you home tomorrow but you will have to return in a week so we can check for brain damage." I nodded weakly and lied down and closed my eyes, slowly falling asleep.


There was brain damage just as the doctor had predicted. But it was much worst than he could have expected. I can remember everything up to that day. And everything excruciating detail of the detail. But after that my mind is well empty. Its kind of like that movie "Fifty First Dates" but I'm not trapped in one day, my life still goes on but everyday I forget most of the events that happened previously. Dakota was much luckier than me, probably because her airbags worked. All that happened to her was that her leg broke, it healed in a month just as the doctor said it would. She feels really guilty about the whole thing since it was her fault. Since we were already roommates she makes sure I live with her since she's one of the few things I can remember. She feels like its her job to make me remember so she makes me tell her my whole day at night and then she tells me my day in the morning. It doesn't really work but I give her credit for trying as hard as she does. The worse part of memory loss is that I can't remember people. Well only sort of but only if they're really special. 

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