It's kind of a mixture between fifty first dates and the vow. 19 year old Elle's life is flipped upside down when she gets into a car crash and gets short term memory loss due to brain damage. One year later things seem to be shaping up for her when she meets a boy she can remember.


4. *chapter four*

Elle's POV:
I woke up. Where was I? Everything hurt. My head was pounding. I could just tell by the way I was feeling that I was hungover. I slowly got up. I reached for my phone. It wasn't there. I started to panic. I got out of bed and looked at the leather jacket I was wearing. Who's was it? I briefly remembered a guy giving it to me. My mind for once wasnt empty. I just remember it being placed on my shoulders. I opened the door. I had no idea where I was or where my phone was. This was really bad. I saw a staircase and ran down it. I ran into the kitchen and there was a guy sitting at the counter while he used his laptop. 
"Who are you? Where am I?" I said nearly crying
"I'm Liam we met last night. This is my house."
"That doesn't mean anything to me. I suffer from extreme short term memory loss. I need why I was here, what happened, and how we met." He began explaining the details of last night to me. How he found me curled up in a ball on his porch, how we met, and what happened to me that he saw. I could remember bits and pieces but not much. 
"How did you get short term memory loss?" Ugh. I hated it when people asked that. 
"I was in a car crash. The airbags didn't deploy. My head slammed into the dashboard. I got massive brain damage. I really would rather not talk about this with some random stranger." I sat down next to him in a chair.
"Okay. Well do you want some food? I have captain crunch and Cheerios."
"I'll have Cheerios thanks." He poured a bowl in front of me. 
"So I've heard a lot about you Elle, how you hate your job, you've never seen Star Wars, and you're obsessed with cats and have you have one named Lance. How come I've never heard of your memory loss?" Ah this question. 
"Well you see memory loss sucks. It sucks even more when its your best friend's fault. Dakota was the one driving. She doesn't let Louis talk about it because she's embarrassed." I ate my cereal. I looked at the bowl and laughed a bit. It was Batman. Batman was my favorite movie/superhero. 
"Okay I get it."
"Do you have a shower I can use? I reek" I did it was true. 
"Sure but you have 10 missed calls so you might want to call Dakota." He handed me my phone. "I like the case by the way." I had a batman case.
"Thanks." I walked out of the room and called Dakota. I assured her I was fine and then took a shower and put on my now wrinkled dress and I decided to keep wearing the leather jacket even though I had no idea who's it was. I got out of the shower and walked down the stairs while drying my hair. I looked for Liam and then finally found him.
"Hey have you seen my purse?" I asked. If I wanted to go home I needed my car keys which were in the purse I was looking for. 
"No I haven't but I'll help you look for it." 
"Thanks my keys are in there." I smiled warmly as we started looking. We talked while we were looking and he was really funny and nice. We kept looking for about half an hour and were about to give up when we found it stuck under a random couch cushion. 
"Thank you." I smiled and grabbed my purse. I was about to leave when he gave me a hug. 
"Bye." He said as he hugged me.
"You're a very huggy person." I commented "thank you for letting me stay here though." He pulled away.
"My pleasure. Hopefully we can meet again. You almost forgot this," he handed me my phone "I programmed myself in so we can get together some time." I smiled and laughed a little.
"Oh my goodness I would have never found this if you didn't give it to me. Thank you." I headed out the door and drove away. 

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