Liam Payne was once a sweet innocent boy. But after break-ups with Danielle and Sophia, something inside him triggered a change. The once sweet boy turned almost evil. The girl who suffered though, Alexa, she got taken by him. Would she ever be safe again?


6. Chapter 6: The boys find out

Louis P.O.V


'Ding, ding, ding, dingdingding' My phone went. I glanced at the screen. Liam. I answered it.

"Hey lee" I said into the phone

"Louis, it's not liam. I'm Alexa. Liam, he, he kidnapped me. I'm really scared and I think i'm at his house help me" A girl replied. Wait what

"Okay, i'm gonna come over and...." I began before another voice cut me off

"Alexa, what are you doing on my phone. Louis! What did she tell you" He screamed down the phone.

"What did who tell me?" I asked, making sure Alexa was kept out of it.

"I swear Liam, your phone rang and I picked it up. I was going to tell Louis that you were in the toilet but you came back" I heard the girl say

"Yeah Lee, who's that?" I asked

"Just a friend. I gotta go Lou, i'll call ya later" He mumbled and the line went dead. I immediately called Niall

"Ni, you have to get to Liams now" I shouted down the phone as soon as he answered.

"Okay Lou, chill. God who has he broken up with this time" He joked

"Seriously Niall. I just got a call from a girl. Liams kidnapped her" I said and I could almost see the look of horror on Nialls face

"What!" He exclaimed

"Yeah, you go to his and i'll get the others" I said and he quickly agreed before hanging up the phone.


Nialls P.O.V


"Liam!" I shouted through the door

"I know you're in there. This is important" I yelled. I heard footsteps, shortly followed by the door opening.

"You alright Ni" Liam asked, he looked perfectly normal

"Can I come in?" I asked

"I dunno if now's the right time. I mean i'm really busy" He mumbled as he searched for the right words

"Cut the crap Liam. I know about the girl. Where is she?" I yelled in his face.

"What do you mean girl?" He asked, trying to sound all innocent

"The girl you kidnapped. It's for your own good Lee. Just let her go. I'm sure she won't tell anyone" I replied

"No Niall. You can't take her. Sophia and Danielle left me. But she can't leave me. She will never leave me Ni. She's mine, all mine!" He yelled like some mad man. With that he pushed me away from him. I fell backwards and crashed into the table. I lifted my hand to my head and saw the blood. I felt really faint

"Ni?" I heard Liam question but I just shook my head. Then... Nothing

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