Liam Payne was once a sweet innocent boy. But after break-ups with Danielle and Sophia, something inside him triggered a change. The once sweet boy turned almost evil. The girl who suffered though, Alexa, she got taken by him. Would she ever be safe again?


10. Chapter 10: A phone call

Alexas P.O.V


"Hello, my names Alexa Matthews and would like to make a statement on the charges of abduction and assault from Liam Payne." I said down the phone

"Alexa Matthews, you're the girl he kidnapped?"

"Yes, but that isn't entirely true. May I begin my statement?"

"You may. You are being recorded and anything you say may be held against you in the proceedings of a court case."

"Okay, well to start with I wasn't exactly kidnapped, well I was, but not by Liam. Me and Liam are actually together, we hadn't told anyone though because of his fame. When I got kidnapped by some random guy, I managed to find a way to call Liam. He came and got me out of their. He took me back to his where Niall was waiting for us, but the guy followed us. Liam took me down to the basement to keep me safe whilst Niall had a fight with the guy upstairs. He knocked Niall out and then brought him down to show us. He was acting as if Nialls limp body was some sort of prize. The guy told Liam to phone the police and say that he beat Niall up, he also said that if me and Liam left the country he wouldn't kill me or Niall. So we did just that. I wasn't meant to tell anyone, but I wanted to make sure that Liam could maybe return to England one day" I said

"Okay Miss Matthews, your statement has been recorded. f you have any more information on the identity of your actual kidnapper then please lt us know" The man replied

"Okay, thank you. I will let you know if I know anything" I said before hanging up the phone. I turned to Liam

"Can I have Louis number, I want to talk to Niall, make sure he knows the story" I said and he nodded. He handed me his phone and I called Louis.

"Liam what the..." Louis began as he answered the phone, but I cut him off

"No Louis it's me, Alexa." I said and I heard him sigh

"Alexa, you're alive. He hasn't hurt you has he?" He almost shouted down the phone

"No Louis, I'm fine. Is Niall there with you?"

"Yeah why?"

"Can I speak to him?"

"I suppose, Niall it's for you"  heard some crackling before a different voice spoke

"Alexa?" He asked

"Niall. Oh my god, you're alright" I replied and heard him sigh

"Not really Alexa. Liam really mucked up my spine and the doctors, they don't think i'll ever walk again" He mumbled

"Oh my god! Niall, no!"

"It's fine, when I get out the hospital i'll be staying at Louis. Don't tell Liam though. I don't want him freaking out and hurting you! I'll talk to the police as soon as I can"

"About that, I kinda said some stuff to them"

"What stuff?" I repeated everything I said to the police officer.

"You're serious, why?"

"I don't know"

"So you want me to go along with this, I will. If it keeps you safe"

"Thank you Niall, i'll send you my number so we can keep in touch"

"Okay Alexa, if he hurts you I want to know" He demanded and I laughed

"Yes Niall. Oh and please, call me Alex. Alexas way to posh" I replied

"Okay Alex. Now remember what I said and please, stay safe"

"I will Niall, I promise"

"Good. Now go. Have a good life in, where are you?"


"Have a good life in America. Keep in touch"

"You to Niall, see ya"

"Goodbye" I hung up the phone and turned to Liam

"So?" He asked

"He'll use our story as long as I keep in touch with him" I replied

"Oh" He said. I know he was expecting something else. For me to tell him that Nialls perfectly fine and that he forgives Liam, but I cant tell him that. I also can't tell him about Niall not being able to walk. Niall was right, Liam would freak and I'm not sure what he would do

"Yeah" Was all I said

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