Liam Payne was once a sweet innocent boy. But after break-ups with Danielle and Sophia, something inside him triggered a change. The once sweet boy turned almost evil. The girl who suffered though, Alexa, she got taken by him. Would she ever be safe again?


1. Chapter 1: Is love evil?

There are some types if evil in this world. Types of evil

that nobody really knows how to explain. Evil is only

committed by evil people. But evil isn't always a natural

thing. For some people an evil state is created when they

are at their lowest and most vulnerable state of mind. Evil

also doesn't last forever. There is one thing, more important

than the rest, that can rid a person of evil. That is love. Love

conquers all. But love doesn't always show, sometimes it

remains hidden. And that is why evil is able to be here, to be in

this world. Evil is here to rid the world of love as it hides away.

But sometimes, just sometimes. The love created by evil shines

through. Creating a love stronger than any other. Creating

a love more alive than the people that share it. Creating a

connection that can never be broken. That's what true love is.

A love that can survive the hardest of battles and strongest of

pains. That is love!

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