A Baseball Romance

Baseball. How can one sport bring two people together all by itself? Well it can. It happened to Lily and Justin. Just a country girl with nowhere to go and the captain of the baseball team.


2. Two

(Lily POV)

"Be sure to look at the message board when we get home." My mom tells me when I get in the car.

"Yes ma'am." 

"Don't forget this time, the horses come before school and friends, Lily."

"Yes ma'am." 

"I don't need anymore hyper three year old's  on my hands because you were on that stupid phone of yours instead of working."

"Yes ma'am."

This is how our conversations usually go, my mom chewing me out doing for something any normal teenager would do and basically insulting my existence and me just nodding and saying "yes ma'am" when ever she finishes a thought. I used to fight back but I've learned that just brings more hurt than sitting there and taking it until she's finished. My mom used to be nice, I don't know what happened, I guess one too many lesson students leaving to go to other sports, or one too many buyers saying "nah, I'm thinking of backing out of the horse business." and finding another seller to buy from. It's no surprise that my dad spends the day out in the field, getting up before the sun, packing a lunch and coming back in when he thinks we're all asleep just to avoid my mom. 

My mom owns the farm, and this is my dads livelihood, without it he doesn't really have anywhere else to go. It's probably the only thing keeping him from divorcing my mom. That and he knows he has no chance of winning even partial custody of me and my siblings against her in court.

We ride the rest of the drive home in silence. The radio in my moms old truck has long since been broken and she refuses to get it fixed. The only sound comes from my moms occasional curse words at the cars in front of us going ten miles per hour under the speed limit or turning without a signal. Just a normal drive home for us.


(Justin POV)

"Justin there's a dishwasher with your name on it!" My mom calls from the living room as I walk in the door.

"Okay, I'll get right on it, can I shower first though?"

"Yeah go ahead." I walk into the living room where my mom is playing with my baby sister. "How was practice?"

"It was good, this girl watched it and it screwed with everybody's focus." I sit down and take my sister, Angie's hands.

"Was she cute?" My mom asks raising her eyebrows and smirking.

"Maybe, I don't know, I didn't really pay attention. I had to focus on practice since our first game is coming up on Friday."

"Sure you did, now go shower." She said picking up Angie and going into the kitchen to start dinner. "Don't forget about the dishwasher!" she called up the stairs as I head to my room.

I flop down on my bed and just lay there thinking. I try to let baseball dominate my thoughts like it usually does but the beautiful girl in the bleachers is all I can focus on. The way her hair shone when she pushed it out of her face, how she didn't even care that it was a closed practice and everyone was watching her. I thought about what she was wearing, tried to imagine thee color of her eyes, is she a junior like me? What the 'Youth Worlds' sweatshirt meant and what kind of textbook was laying open in her lap. I couldn't get her out of my head. 

Listen to me, the guys would be all over me if they could read my mind right now. I better get my head out of the clouds before practice tomorrow.


(Lily POV)

I dump my book bag in my moms office in the barn and check the message board. Four horses to ride for at least an hour each and all of them 4 years or under. Fabulous. I guess I won't be doing any homework tonight.

I grab a lead rope and head out to catch the first horse on the list, Abracadabra. A black four year old Thoroughbred gelding with a temper and an extremely sensitive mouth and hates to be caught in the field. 

After chasing him for about twenty five minutes in the mud, he finally allowed me to hook the lead rope to his halter and lead him to the barn where I tack him up. He refused the bit several times and threw his head in the air almost knocking me off my stool. Being the ass that he is, he also fought me the entire way out to the ring, I could tell this was going to be a fun ride.

I mount up and start with my usual warm up routine, a few laps each way at the three main gaits and then tiny cross rails. My mom had just been starting Abracadabra over fences so we weren't going to go very high tonight. 

After each horse I finish with I let my mind wander to baseball practice today. All I can really remember is wishing I would catch number 12 watching me but I never did. Probably a good thing, I didn't want to distract him from the upcoming first game this Friday. Our principal had notified all the sports teams and word had gotten out that if we didn't break our losing record for the last ten years our sports budget would be cut and all after school sports would be canceled until there was room in the budget for losing teams without the revenue, winning games brings to the school. I knew every student athlete didn't want their team to be cut so they needed their entire focus on the game. If you competed in a school sport you got a note from your coach and your teachers were forced to give you better grades and less homework so as not to endanger your position on the team or the status of the team in the school budget.Sadly this rule did not apply to students with multiple horses to ride at home every night or a mom who wouldn't let you do your homework until you finished with your list of horses for the night. Now don't get me wrong I don't love homework but if I want to keep my status as a straight A student I need to do my homework. Sometimes I wish I could pull an act like my dad and avoid my mom at all hours of the day.

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