A Baseball Romance

Baseball. How can one sport bring two people together all by itself? Well it can. It happened to Lily and Justin. Just a country girl with nowhere to go and the captain of the baseball team.


1. One

Most people look at baseball and think; it's just a sport, it doesn't have the power to bring people together and build a bond stronger than love. But that's what this story is here to prove, that baseball can do that for two people.

Justin and Lily were probably the least likely couple. Lily, a country girl with a not so great home life, and kind of a book worm. And Justin, captain of the varsity baseball team, popular all around, and parents hat were at every game cheering him on, not the kind of guy Lily would date.

Lily was in love with all things country, the scenery, trail rides, cowboys, horses, big belt buckles, and cowboy boots. But her real passion had always been baseball. Every day after school she would head over to the baseball field, to watch the team practice or if they were having a game she would hang around during it as well, doing her homework on the first row of bleachers in the far left corner. Right beside home plate with a perfect view of middle infield. 

The baseball players no longer payed her any mind, although it took them a few weeks to get used to her. Her with her boot cut jeans, cowboy boots, and Youth Worlds Equestrian sweatshirts. But eventually they got used to it and started to ignore her, no longer showing off for the girl in the bleachers. They would just laugh and talk about everything from the next game to making fun of who was still single. And that, my friend, is how she figured she had at least a small chance of being with the guy of her dreams, and hopefully her future boyfriend. But lets start from the beginning shall we?


(Lily POV)

I live on a farm, a full service farm to be exact, out where the only bus routes start three hours before school opens. We have cows, horses and chickens and grow grain, hay, and soybeans. My mom and I raise and train the horses in addition to leasing out some of our land for a baseball field so the county teams can play. You can say I have a pretty long stated relationship with baseball, well you'd be right, it's my passion along with horses. I love it. So one day I decided to start sitting in on practices to kill the time it took for my mom to come pick me up after school between horses and lessons.

I walk to the field behind the school, and plop my bag onto the first row of bleachers, practice had already started and a couple of the boys looked up and nudged the boys next to them, pointing and muttering something incoherent about me. I just ignored them and pulled out my math book and some paper.

One boy started to come towards the fence but someone hissed something to him and he abandoned his mission. I just laughed in my head and went back to my AP Calc. problems. Every once in awhile I would look up and find one of them watching me, once a boy even got hit with the ball because he was watching me and not his partner. Sadly the one person I really wanted to catch staring I never did, but he's the star player so go figure right? 

My phone buzzed on the metal bench next to me telling me my mom was five minutes away from the school and I should be waiting out front because she was on a tight schedule and didn't have time to wait for me.


(Justin POV)

Everybody, including me, was perplexed when a dark haired girl in jeans and cowboy boots sat down on the bleachers ten minutes into our practice. I asked coach if I should go over and tell her it was a closed practice but he just told me she was fine and wasn't bothering anybody so we should go about our normal routine. Easier said than done. You see, when there's a pretty girl sitting in the bleachers its hard to just have a normal day of practice. After awhile one of the boys on the freshman team started to get up some nerve and walk towards her, before he got far the varsity co-captain hissed at him the get his ass back to practice or he'd be off the team. 

The entire practice consisted majorly of us mumbling about the girl and sneaking looks up at her, or at least mine did. I probably dropped more balls, missed more pitches, and ran slower than I ever have with her sitting there.

Half an hour before practice ended she gathered up her stuff and left. Just like that. Gone. I wondered if I was ever going to see her again like in those cheesy romance movies my older sister makes me watch with her. I suppose her leaving was for the best so we could get on with practice without the distraction, and with our first game coming up this week, we need the practice. Though part of me wanted her to have stuck around util after practice so I could talk to her. I'd spent the entire practice trying to build up the nerve to go talk to her once coach released us to the locker rooms, but I guess it was all in vain.

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