A Baseball Romance

Baseball. How can one sport bring two people together all by itself? Well it can. It happened to Lily and Justin. Just a country girl with nowhere to go and the captain of the baseball team.


4. Four

(Justin POV)

"Two more! Two more!" Coach yells to us as we lap the diamond one more time. Running really isn't my thing, I'd rather just sprint to the base and be done, but coach has us all run every day for conditioning. We around home plate getting ready for the last lap when I watch coach walk up to the girl on the bleachers. My heart starts beating faster than it already was. The rest of the team trails after me -as I'm the leader, being captain and all- with exhausted looks on their faces.

The girl stands up, nodding her head and follows coach down to home just as I'm rounding third for the last time. When I get to home plate, I stop and grab a water bottle, panting hard.

"Justin, this is Lily, she's going to be our new manager. Lily, this is Justin, he's the varsity team captain." Coach says almost causing me to spit my water out.


(Lily POV)

As I'm doing my homework the baseball coach come up to me and introduces himself. 

"Hey, I'm Coach Wilson, and you are?" He held his hand out for me to shake.

"I'm Lily, is there a problem?"

"No, no problem, I was just wondering if you would like a place on the team. You've been here the past few days and I'm willing to let you be our manager if you prove worthy. Our old manager graduated last year, so I've been in the market for a new one."

"Sure, I'd love to, I may have to leave before practice ends some days, my mom picks me up in between lessons or horses so it varies."

"Alright then, lets go introduce you to the team and I'll explain your job whenever I can!" Coach says as I pack up my stuff and follow him down the bleachers to the batting area. Number 12 runs up, hot, sweaty, and out of breath, and grabs a water bottle from the fence. 

"Justin, This is Lily, she's going to be our new manager." I glance at Justin, he looks like he wants to spit his water out. "Lily, this is Justin, he's the varsity team captain." I already knew that but I wasn't going to let on that I did, that would be creepy, but it's nice to finally put a name to his face and number.

"So, Justin, introduce her to the team and then come over to the bench for our wrap up." Coach says, walking away looking at his binder.


(Justin POV)

"Well, I'm Justin," Dumb ass, she already knew that, way to act like an idiot. "Let's go introduce you to the other guys." I say leading her to the group that was standing around talking. 

"Hey guys, we've got a new manager." A cry rose up, mainly wolf whistles and questions of who from the back of the group. "Meet Lily." I say awkwardly, glad I finally have a name to match to her face.

"Hey," She says, standing there quietly holding an AP Calculus textbook in her arms. She was a lot shorter than I had imagined, even wearing the two inch heels of her cowboy boots.

"Do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself? Like why you're into baseball?" Mike butts in from behind me.

"Uhm sure, I guess so.." She starts, "Well I'm Lily, and I'm a Junior. I train horses for my mom.." At this a loud boo comes from the back of the group, I shoot them a glare. "Oh.. Well I got into baseball when my dad started leasing out part of our land for a county baseball field.. and yeah that's basically it." Her face turns bright red. 


(Lily POV)

"Alright team, head into the locker room and get a good night sleep tonight, we got a big game tomorrow." Coach said. "Lily, can you stay here for a second?"

"Your job will be writing down what plays we use, stats, and stuff like that at the games, sending out emails to the team, taking notes at our team meetings and making sure the people who were absent get them."

"Okay, sounds easy enough." I turn around to leave.

"Oh and one last thing, you and Justin will be going over each game tape before and after every game together. I'm assuming you know enough about baseball to point out the obvious things that need to be fixed."

"Oh, um, yeah, I can do that, I've been watching baseball since before I could talk."

"Good, see you at the game tomorrow."

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