A Baseball Romance

Baseball. How can one sport bring two people together all by itself? Well it can. It happened to Lily and Justin. Just a country girl with nowhere to go and the captain of the baseball team.


11. Eleven

(Justin POV)

Every time Lily begins to open up she snaps shut again. It's so frustrating, I really want to know more about her but I think she's afraid of scaring me off or something. It's painful to watch how scared she is of letting someone into her life. Like the more questions I ask the more she clams up and acts like there's nothing more to the story but of course there is. There always is. All I want to know is what's up with all the drama surrounding her mom and the crazy "no movies" rule and all the other rules. What made her so closed off to the world? Why didn't she have any friends? She was such a nice girl, she was intelligent, gorgeous, everything that would make people want to be her friend. I just want to know more about her, the mysterious girl who showed up at our practice one day and stole my heart - and probably half of the baseball teams hearts too - in a matter of seconds.


(Lily POV)

I really want to open up to Justin but I don't want to burden him or push him away. I want to be able to joke around about things and talk about everything and be able to actually have a friend for once and be happy at school instead of dreading it every single day when I wake up before the sun to work the horses. I just want us to be a normal couple. Wait did I really just say couple? No I didn't. Okay yes I did. And I meant it. I want us to be a couple but not the dysfunctional couple my parents are, or the couple at school always with their tongues down each others throats, or the couple that talks baby talk with each other and makes the people around them sick. 

Just a normal relationship where we fight and make up and we go out to dinner and we spend a ton of time together but we still have alone time and our own interests. I don't want to turn out like my parents, unhappy and sour. I want us to talk every day but not just about stupid things, I want us to have deep conversations about world problems but still be able to joke, ya know?

I grab the remote and pause the movie.


"Yeah?" He looks at me confused.

"Can we talk?"

"Yeah sure," He turns to face me.

"I'm sorry I kept dodging your questions earlier.." 

"It's alright, I understand, there's just some things you don't want to talk about." He smiles at me.

"I wanted to answer some of your questions.." I say quickly before I change my mind.

"Alright, what's up with you and your mom, why'd you run away today?"

"You couldn't have started with an easier one?" I try to joke but it falls flat. "Anyway, I got home really late last night and I was exhausted when my alarm went off this morning,"

"You have an alarm for Saturday mornings?!" Justin interjects.

"Yes. But I got up anyway and got my breakfast and went out to the barn and got my first horse ready.." I recounted the rest of the story as Justin listened intently and at the end he wrapped me in a hug and didn't let go for a really long time.

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