A Baseball Romance

Baseball. How can one sport bring two people together all by itself? Well it can. It happened to Lily and Justin. Just a country girl with nowhere to go and the captain of the baseball team.


8. Eight

(Lily POV) 

I have to drag myself out of bed at six the next morning. I really shouldn't have stayed so late at Justin's house last night but I was really enjoying myself and having an intelligent conversation with him. Anyway, enough of the sappy boy crap I have horses to ride.

I pull on some black breeches and my black paddock boots and half chaps and run downstairs pulling my hair into a messy bun. 

"You're running late." My brother says, looking up from the TV as I grab a banana and a muffin from the kitchen. "Mom's going to be pissed." 

"Yeah I know. Shut up." He's so annoying. Mom never makes him ride or do anything related to the barn or really work in general. I'm always the one picking up the slack for my little brother. He's four years younger than me and lazy as shit.

"You're late." The first words out of my mothers mouth when I reach the arena with my first horse of the day.

"Sorry, I had a lot of homework to get finished last night." I say while trying to get the antsy four year old to stand still so I could get on.

"That's not a valid excuse. I always tell you, horses before school. Always." 

"Mom, I'm not going to fail my Junior year of high school because you won't tell Zach to get off his ass and help out with the horses once in awhile when I'm swamped with shit I have to get done for my classes." I guess being rebellious last night was bleeding over to this morning because I never talk to my mom this way. Ever.

"Are you arguing with me?"

"Yeah, I am." Shit shit shit what am I doing?

"Just for that you have to muck stalls for the rest of the week. I'll even tell Julie she has the week off so you can have all of the barn chores to yourself. That includes feeding, turnout, and stalls. Maybe that will teach you not to talk back to me." I can't believe this. We have over twenty stalls. There's no way I can do all of those chores alone and not fail my classes this week. I'm taking all AP courses.

"Mom you can't do that! I have a life outside of helping you!" I yell. "I'm not your slave. I'm your daughter and you're supposed to be my mom and you know what moms do? They help their daughters succeed in school. Especially when they're trying as hard as they can to impress you." I spin my horse around and kick her out of the open ring gate, away from my mom, away from the arena.

I get to the barn stick the horse in her stall and run to my dads truck.I'm sweaty, gross, and sobbing but I don't care. I had left the keys in the truck last night so I start it and pull towards the driveway as my mom comes running out of the barn after me.


(A/N: sorry for the super short chapter! I just wanted to leave it at a cliffhanger, but new chapter coming super soon I promise!)

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