A machine for pigs

Deep in the heart of the South Carolina wilderness a factory stood. But it wasn't just a factory it was a pig processing factory during the 14th century. The factory was shut down due to a mass breakout of the Bubonic plague and Swine influenza. When the master went insane and had all his slaves put to work sick or not. After half the worker population died, they repelled against their master forcing him to shut the factory down while they were still in it. For ten years no one had been in or out of the factory but every now and then the factory runs as it once did with the pride of its owner.


6. The lost memory

        After Cassius snapped back into reality he went down the long hallway again and checked another room, but the one he opened was the one he'll never forget. Because it was temish's room he opened the desk and found a note he opened it to find out what it was, then suddenly his vision stopped and all he seen was a flashback of the factory back in its prime. He saw temish before he went crazy and he saw what the factory used to look like. instead of the rugged old ruined rooms he saw beautiful colorful and lovely rooms full of life. Then all a sudden he transported to another room were temish was talking to two other men, one by the name of Alexander Scarlet, and Sir Thomas William. They were arguing about the slaves rioting against the three of the leaders. Temish and Thomas left the room as Alexander stayed and waited, he waited to see if they would come back to continue the decision, But they were gone and then Alexander got angry and threw his book across the room in a massive fit of rage yelling to himself that he would get them back one day. Then Cassius transported again to the slave yard were Thomas, Alexander and Temis were giving the slaves their new orders and restrictions. Then all a sudden the slaves started to revolt against them it was a futile try to over throw them. Cassius then found himself a couple of days later in the slaughter house were the pigs were butchered and cooked for the slave masters and the prossed for sell in the near by towns. But in his sight he seen a badly beat slave taint a pig that was going to be cooked and served at the temish party. He coughed on it and injected tainted blood from a diseased boar said to have the swine virus in it he then loaded it up and helped cooked it for the owners and party guests that night. Cassius finally found himself at the dinner and saw the owners eat the tainted the meat in a matter of seconds they all fell into madness and killed every last slave and guess in the room. They then had the bodies taken to the slaughterhouse, butchered then cooked and served to the slaves for dinner. After that the flashback turned black and the only thing Cassius remembered from it is the loud painful sounds of panic, rioting and violence.


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