A machine for pigs

Deep in the heart of the South Carolina wilderness a factory stood. But it wasn't just a factory it was a pig processing factory during the 14th century. The factory was shut down due to a mass breakout of the Bubonic plague and Swine influenza. When the master went insane and had all his slaves put to work sick or not. After half the worker population died, they repelled against their master forcing him to shut the factory down while they were still in it. For ten years no one had been in or out of the factory but every now and then the factory runs as it once did with the pride of its owner.


9. Oblivion

      Cassius finding himself with a major headache and blood dripping down the side of his face was nearly half way to the elevator that led to the basement when he heard the familiar screaming and then his head started to ring again as he fell to the floor. He awoke still in pain about a hour later stumbling down the hallway into the elevator after a couple of minuets his head stopped ringing and he proceeded to hit the elevator button. On his way down the elevator stopped half way Cassius turned around and saw behind the safety gate on the over side of the gate another man and two badly decomposed slaves walked up behind him. The slim shadowy man didn't seem to be missing any limbs but he was coughing up a phlegm mixed with mucus and the blackest blood anyone has ever seen. The man though simply wasn't healthy but to what Cassius could see he was in full shape, then the man arose out of the darkness and the man said that he was Sir Thomas William and that he was going to kill Cassius for ever coming into the factory. As Cassius had to think what to do he noticed the man still had his shape but not his mind or his reasoning to what Cassius could tell Temish had Thomas brainwashed. Sir Thomas then ordered the men to cut the elevator lines forcing it to crash onto the floor. The elevator tipped sides and then fell tot the basement floor and a crash sound was all that was left in the sound basement. Thomas Yelled as Cassius fell to his more then likely death. 

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