A machine for pigs

Deep in the heart of the South Carolina wilderness a factory stood. But it wasn't just a factory it was a pig processing factory during the 14th century. The factory was shut down due to a mass breakout of the Bubonic plague and Swine influenza. When the master went insane and had all his slaves put to work sick or not. After half the worker population died, they repelled against their master forcing him to shut the factory down while they were still in it. For ten years no one had been in or out of the factory but every now and then the factory runs as it once did with the pride of its owner.


8. Madness returns

          The first man who entered the room was another poor sod of a slave but half of his body was gone his entire left arm and most of his left rib cage was gone and a puss mixed with blood color. The second man was a insane sick looking white man, wearing a dirty, bloody, ripped suit. His face was insane with blood all over the left side of him and missing hi left hand but in its place a rusty sickle. The man took a seat and told him his name "Alexander Scarlet" and suddenly it hit him with that painful flashback being played over and over again in his head. Till Scarlet got sick and ordered him to be hit again with the hammer, Cassius snapped back to reality and was yelled at by scarlet till the point that scarlet's jaw snapped in half leaving his jaw hanging he reconnected it with the sticks that he took out his desk and ripped the fiber of his skin apart to reconnect his broken mouth. Cassius threw up watching this and was struck again he sit there bleeding hoping they would kill him but then he looked up to scarlet standing in front of him, he knelled down and took Cassius's face up to his and asked what he was doing here. But before Cassius answered Scarlet stood up and walked back to his desk and took out a key, untied Cassius and handed him the key with only these words turn off the machine before they find you, then he was struck again and fainted. He awoke back in the ripped apart room and saw a key and piece of paper on the desk he looked at the note that said " You must turn off the machine to leave here alive, get to the basement and turn off the power". He put it in his pocket and a another piece of paper fell out his pocket, it was a map! leading him to the basement so he set off for the basement after taking the key and finding a oil lantern that was tossed in a lost corner.            

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