He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


3. Second Date


"Niall!" I say and he looks at me and I smile and he stares down at the baby in my arms. "Who is that?" He asks. "This is our child." I say but he shakes his head. "The kid doesn't even look like me!" He says and tears spring to my eyes. "That's funny since you are the only one I have ever had sex with!" I shout and he laughs. "How would I know?" He asks and I shrug. "How would you since you walked out on me." I say.

Dream Over

I wake up, with sweat on my forehead and I sigh. I look at the clock and it is three in the morning. I get up and go downstairs and into the kitchen and I look at my phone and my heart squeezes when I turn on my phone and there is a picture with Niall and I.

My phone starts ringing about 1 in the afternoon and I pick it up and answer it. "Hello?" I ask and sit up. "Hey lovely." Billy's voice rings in my ears and I smile. "Hi." I say, getting up and going downstairs where Christy is sitting in the kitchen, on the phone. "I was wondering if you would like to go to the park today." He says and I grin and Christy smiles at me. "Goodbye, love you Lou." She says and hangs up and runs over to me and presses her ear to the other side of the phone. "That would be great." I say and she starts poking me and I start giggling. "Ok I will be by soon." He says and we hang up. "YOU HAVE A DATE?!" She asks and I nod and she giggles and I go upstairs and change.

"He's here!" Christy calls up to me excitedly and I laugh. "Alright, be down in a minute!" I call down, finishing my make up. I go downstairs where Christy is talking to Billy and then we leave.

We arrive at the park and he holds my hand as we walk around. "So, beautiful how have you been?" He asks and I blush. "Good, you?" I ask and he kisses my hand. "Great now that I get to spend time with you." He says and I giggle. "Aw, you are so sweet." I say and he smiles. "Let's make a wish!" He says, pointing to the fountain. He pulls me over and I grab the coin out of his hand and we both close our eyes. I wish that my baby be born healthy and safely. I throw the coin in the fountain and turn to Billy and he smiles at me. "What did you wish for?" He asks and I smile. "I can't tell you, then it wouldn't come true." He says and I smile. "Oh right." He says, laughing.

We spend the rest of the day, exploring the town and then he takes me home by eight. "That was a great second date." He says, unbuckling his seat belt. "Yes, thank you." I say, smiling and he leans over and unbuckles my seat belt for me and I can smell his cologne. He stares at me and I smile. I lean forward and press my lips to his and our lips move in sync. I put my hand on the back of his head and play with his semi long blonde hair. He takes me to the door and I kiss him once more before I go inside. "YOU KISSED!" Christy screams in my ear and I jump. "Don't ever do that to me again!" I scream and she laughs. "Tell me every detail." She says and I smile.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Billy and Alex are so cute!!! Well hehe just wait until you find out what happens;) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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