He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


11. Labor

"Push!" The doctor commands and I push as hard as I can and then take deep breaths. Tyler grabs my hand and I squeeze it and push. "Harder! I see her head!" The doctor commands and I take a deep breath. I push again and I hear crying. "It's a girl." The nurse says and they take her away and wash her. They bring her back, wrapped up in a pink blanket and they hand her to me and I smile down at her. She has barely seen blonde hairs on her head and bright blue eyes. "She is beautiful, like her mom." Tyler says and I look at him and smile. "Thank you." I say and he kisses my forehead. "Alex, they wouldn't let me in." Christy says and I laugh. "Those jerks." I say, laughing and she smiles. "My goddaughter." She says, walking over and standing next to Tyler. She looks down and smiles. "What's her name?" She asks and I smile. "Diana." I say and she smiles. "Beautiful." She says, leaning down and kissing her head. "I have to go, I will tell Louis you said hello." She says and I nod and she hugs me and then leaves.

They make me stay the night just in case and Tyler looks down at me. "I am staying." He says and I smile. "Thanks." I say and he kisses me. "Get some sleep." He says and I smile again. "I love you." I say and he smiles and his eyes light up. "I love you too." He says and then sits down and I laugh. "You are not staying over there, come here." I say and he gets up and climbs in the hospital bed with me and I smile. "Goodnight." I say and he smiles and kisses my forehead. "Night." He says and I close my eyes and fall asleep.

The next morning I wake up and climb out of bed and quickly change and then walk over to Tyler and am about to wake him up but he looks like such an angel. I smile down at him and giggle. "TYLER! GET UP!" I shout and he jumps and almost falls out of bed. "Hi." He says and I laugh. "Hey, I am going to get Diana, can you get the car?" I ask and he nods and we both leave and then I turn left and he turns right. I go to the nursery and stare in the window. I see the only blonde baby with big, bright, blue eyes and smile. "Her name is Diana, the blonde one." I say and the nurse nods and goes into the little room. She picks up the baby girl and brings her to me. "Here is your baby girl, have a nice night." She says and I smile and leave.

I get in Tyler's car and he drives me back to my house. "Do you want to hang out?" I ask and he smiles. "We need to buy Diana some things." He says and I smile. We stay in the car and he drives to the baby store and we go inside and fan out. I go and search for a car seat and I find one. I grab a teddy bear and put it in the car seat. I find Tyler and he has some baby formula and a baby bag in a stroller. We go and get a few outfits and a high chair and a crib and diapers and bassinet. "We spent a lot." He says and I laugh. "I'm sorry." I say and he shrugs. "What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't let you use some of my money?" He asks and I smile. "A smart one." I say, laughing and he kisses me. We go out to his car and I sigh. "How are we going to fit the crib in your car?" I ask and he laughs. "I asked them if they could ship it over. We just have to build it ourselves." He says and I laugh. "Uh oh." I say, laughing. We put the car seat in the back and strap it in and then strap Diana in and get in and he drives me home.

We take her inside and put the bassinet down and put her in it and put the teddy bear beside her and then we bring in the stuff and the doorbell rings and he goes and answers it while I finish putting up the baby formula. I run into the living room and I sigh. "Tyler, I don't have a bedroom for her." I say and he smiles and grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs. He opens the door to my old office that I didn't use and I gasp. The room is pink and has butterflies on the walls and there is one clear, pink wall. "That's where you can put whatever you want." He says and I smile. "Did you do this?" I ask and he nods. "When?" I ask and he smiles. "You don't need to worry about that." He says and I smile. "You're the best, thank you." I say, hugging him. "Let's go, we need to build that crib." He says and I laugh. 

We heave the crib upstairs and put it in her new room and I take the blue bucket of paint and start painting. After I finish, I step back and look at it. It says 'Diana' and has swirls and things around it. I smile and look at Tyler and he smiles. We go downstairs where she is crying and he goes and makes her a bottle and I put the top in her mouth when he gives it to me and she stops crying. He takes the bear and outfits upstairs and I rock her lightly, cradling her neck and I smile. "My little Diana, if only you knew your father." I say, following Tyler upstairs. I put Diana in her crib and kiss her head and pull up the barred side and then Tyler and I go downstairs and watch TV until we fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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