He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


8. Date ;)

I wake up the next morning and I am in someone's arms. My heart skips a beat, thinking it's Niall and I look up and it's Tyler. "Good morning beautiful." He whispers and I smile. "Good morning." I say and he slides out from under me and goes to the kitchen. "Want an omelet for breakfast or eggs and bacon or French toast?" He asks and I think for a minute. "French toast!" I say and I could tell he is smiling. "Ok." He says and I sit up and hold my stomach. I turn on the TV and watch some weird show. "Breakfast is ready." Tyler announces and I look at him and get up. "Stay right there." He says and I sit back down and he brings me a tray with French toast on it and slathered with syrup on it. He sets it in front of me and I begin eating.

I finish and he picks up the plate but leaves the tray and I look down at it and gasp. In black lettering it says "Will you go on a date with me?" I look up at him and he is standing there with a dorky grin on his face. "Yes!" I exclaim and he takes the tray and I hug him. He smiles and looks at his watch. "I have to go home, I will be back around seven." He says and I nod and he kisses my cheek. He leaves and I get up and go upstairs and take a shower and I change into something cute and I decide to call Christy.

"Yellow?" She asks when she picks up the phone. "Yo." I say and she coughs. "What's up?" She asks and I play with the blanket over me. "Just about to go on a date." I say and she gasps. "Who is he? Tell me all about him." She says and I smile. "His name is Tyler Posey." I say and she gasps again. "He went to our high school and he is now on Teen Wolf oh my gosh, he is hot!" She exclaims and I laugh. "I know." I say and she giggles. "Well, I have to go, Shyann and I are going to have lunch." She says and I smile. "Alright, talk to you later." I say and we hang up and I just watch TV for awhile.

I wake up and I look at the clock and it's 7:45. I curse myself for falling asleep and I go upstairs and put on my make up and go into my room, trying to find a comfortable but cute outfit to wear. The doorbell rings just as I am putting in my ear rings and I go downstairs and answer the door. "You look beautiful." He says and I smile. "Thank you." I say and he kisses my cheek and grabs my hand and I grab my purse and he leads me to his car.

We pull up to a restaurant and he opens my door and I get out and we go inside. "Posey." He says and the guy nods and leads us to a private booth. "Thank you for letting me take you on this date." He says after we sit down. "Thanks for taking me." I say, giggling. We order and soon get our food. I get some alfredo stuff, that tastes really good.

After dinner he takes me to the movies and we watch Conjuring 2 and I had my face hidden the whole time. "Come on, don't be a wimp!" He teases and I laugh. "Meanie." I say and he makes a pouty face and I hide my head on his shoulder again. I barely even watched the movie.

"You are still the same old Alex." He says, pushing me. "How?" I ask and I pump my feet as I swing and he sits on the swing next to me. "You are still pretty and dorky." He says and I look at him and blush. He smiles and his dimples show. "Aw, you still have those adorable little dimples." I say, poking his cheek. "You were in love with my dimples." He says and I smile. "Still am." I say, giggling and he smiles. "Are you ready to go home?" He asks and I nod.

We get in his car and he drives me home. When we arrive there, we get out and he walks me to the door. "This was the perfect day." I say, smiling and he blushes. "You are the perfect girl." He says and I giggle. "Do I have permission to kiss you?" He asks and I smile again. "Yes." I say and he puts his arms around my waist and leans in until I feel his lips against mine and soon our lips are moving in sync. The kiss is over too soon and he is walking away. "Bye." He says and I smile. "Bye." I say and I go inside and close the door and giggle.

I notice a light on in the kitchen and I go in there and I gasp because Billy is there, throwing things on the ground. "Billy." I breathe and he looks at me. "Baby, you are finally home, where have you been?" He asks, clearly drunk. "We are not together." I say, slowly and he starts getting angry. "Yes we are." He says, his voice rising. I flinch and his expression softens and he hugs me. "I love you." He whispers in my ear and I try to back away but his grip tightens. "I am tired Billy." I say, my eyes filling with tears. "Let's stay up." He says but I shake my head. "Please, I am tired." I say and he slaps me in the face. I start crying and he sighs. "Look what you made me do." He says and he picks me up and sets me on his lap after he sits down on the couch. After he goes to sleep and I know that it's safe, I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Ugh, he is back, Tylerrr!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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