Imagines Book!

Basically it's a book of Imagines. I will write Imagines for any fandom. Whether you are a Directioner, a Hetalian, Belieber, etc. For more info, look inside.


1. Here's The Deal

I will make Imagines for ANY Fandom. Whether you be a Directioner, Beliber, Whovian, etc. Here are some examples of fandoms.



-Any Youtubers

-One Direction

-Black Butler


-Any Anime

-Justin Beiber

-Doctor Who

-Hunger Games


-Pierce The Veil

-Sleeping With Sirens



You get the deal. Here's how you get one.

Simply comment info as shown below:

Name: Jeff

Looks: Black hair that covers an eye, kind of tall, wide grin, brownish eyes

Personality: Shy, nerdy, smart, emo, etc.

Fandom: Creepypasta

What happens: I meet Jeff The Killer yada yada yada yada become creepypasta yada yada yada 


You get the point. I try doing all of them but if I dont get to you then sorry :I



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