He killed his father, his mother was already dead. With a little brother on his back and a handful of money, Leopold ventures off from the small village he came from to crack the drug dealing industry of Paris. Befriending junkies and short time lovers he begins to realise that this might have not been the best decision.


1. My name is Leopold.

The sky was blue when I killed my father. I ended its life when the sun was at its highest. People watched as it squirmed on the floor, slipping around in its own blood. I just smiled. Maybe even laughed. It reached out its blood soaked hand, cupping it around the back of my shin squeezing for one last breath. "You disgust me" I spat down to its level as it looked at me with its red rimmed eyes. It mouthed words I couldn't understand and allowed tears to sting its pale cheeks before they raced off of its stubbled chin. I gazed around at the dome that had now formed around my father and I. "It's no surprise that nobody is helping you" I released my leg from its weakening grasp, pulling it back at the knee I whispered, "See you in a few years" and with that I slammed my foot into the side of its face leaving it with no soul between the grey cartilage of its bones. A few women gasped and blocked the sight of their children. Even men winced at my final action turning slightly away from the scene. 'Now what?' I asked myself. Do I flee the situation like I planned? Or maybe go to the police? Fuck any of those decisions. Instead I sunk the rusty, lubricated knife into my father's back slowly so I could feel his organs popping at its sharp tip. Smearing his blood up my warm face and into the sweaty, ash coloured remains of my hair I turned to my audience. Putting my hands together over and over shocked them as this was no time for clapping. Spinning on my heel I declared with a grin, "You've been a great crowd everyone!" and left.


My name is Leopold and I ended my father's life.

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