He killed his father, his mother was already dead. With a little brother on his back and a handful of money, Leopold ventures off from the small village he came from to crack the drug dealing industry of Paris. Befriending junkies and short time lovers he begins to realise that this might have not been the best decision.


2. Leaving.

It still hadn't sunk in that I was a murderer. I had killed somebody and that was okay. At least I think it was. I wont tell my little brother what happened, it's not like he would understand anyway. After all he is only four years old. But in a way we are both murderers. I killed our father and he killed our mother. I used a knife and he used a life. It wasn't easy losing someone as superlative as her being the young age of 11. She died of childbirth. It was a freak accident.  

I couldn't help but feel guilty about how I was leaving my friend, Jaspar. He was the one who told me about the forever growing drug dealing industry in Paris. We were going to run away together and join the urban rogues living amongst the streets. No little brother, no parents, nothing to remind us of this place. I can't bring him with Baptiste and I though. It would be wrong to meddle him with my sins but I couldn't help wanting him with me. I'll see him again somehow even if that means sneaking him out of this dead end village so he can join me once I'm stable and safe.


My name is Leopold and I betrayed my best friend.


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