This is a movella containing a few letters, thoughts, conversations and diary entries of the one and only, PRESIDENT SNOW!!!!!


2. Chapter 1

*Ring! Ring! Ring!* the bell rang and Ezechei, otherwise know as "Fuppy", sighed.

"Maybe if I ignore it he'll stop." he though, knowing perfectly well that he wouldn't. HE. President Snow, known amongst the servants as "The Terror". He ALWAYS wanted something and was never satisfied. This was going to change now, if just for a bit, because his, that is "The Terror's", grandmother was coming and everyone knew she ruled with a firm hand over her little kingdom.

*Ring! Ring! Ring!* and then again *Ring! Ring! Ring!* there was a pause and then, suddenly *RING! RING! RING!*

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!" Ezechei, sorry, "Fuppy" grumbled. He dragged himself upstairs and stuck his head through the door (Yes, Snow's palace has pink windows IN the doors. They're decorated with little hearts and Cherubs made of gold. Weird? Get used to it. This is President Snow we're talking about!).

"What IS it, President Snow?"

"I was thinking if we could contact the Game Keepers, I would like to make this years Hunger Games sugar themed."

"You have been discussing it with them for the past three years." "Fuppy" reminded him.

"Yes, I know, but it would make such a nice change. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, President Snow. I also have to inform you that you have a letter."

"Oh very well. Read it."

*Ehem* (He is now reading the letter(in case you didn't know)): 

My dear Snowienims,

​how are you? I've heard you're doing wonderful at ruling Panem. Ha Ha, silly me. I KNEW you'd be wonderful!!! And guess what? I have great news! Can you guess it? Don't worry, I'll tell you anyway. I'm coming to see you!!!!!!!! Isn't it wonderful?! We can go shopping for new clothes(Honestly, those stylists of yours? They have a horrible fashion sense. Don't they even LOOK at what they've done, before letting you on TV?! I mean, seriously? No bows, no hearts, no unicorns, fairies, mermaid or cherubs, no warm colors, no lace trimmings, no satin, no high-heals(I know you look FABULOUS in those!), no kisses, no rainbows or sunshine, no flowers, no sun hats, no diamonds and especially no BLOOD RED(I WANT BLOOD)!!!! And pink too, I suppose.) You really should talk to them. I also have to discuss the state of my statue in your grand hall, it is outrageous! You HAVE to polish it! And your hair! Don't even get me started on your hair! It's all wrong. We have to discuss that when I come. Anyway, can't wait to see you!!!!

With all her love to my Snowiepie,

Your favorite(and only) Grandma


"I am so dead." and then Snow screamed.



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