Dante Shadow - Fey Hunter

Dante Shadow. He's no normal man. He hunts down the dark fey - beings that seek to ruin the world with their foul magic - with sword and sorcery, with no one standing in his way. Well...until a mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.


6. Chapter 4: The One Who Laughed

Chapter 4 - The One Who Laughed

When I heard the laugh I froze, my hand clenched around my sword. As the laugh continued I slowly moved to pick up my gun, just in case another fight was approaching.

Instead, when I looked around, I saw that one of the dark fey was still alive, if only just, and was yet to decay in a fantastic display of pink fire. I paced towards it and poised “REVOLUTION” over its head. ‘My joke wasn’t that funny.’

‘No…it wasn’t…’ the dark fey groaned. ‘But you’re hilarious if you think…’ Cough, cough. ‘If you think you can defeat our master…’

I smiled wickedly. ‘Oh, yeah? I just killed all of you, so I think I can handle one big, strong fey.’ I shook my head and sighed. ‘So much confidence, so little reason.’

‘He is not just fey. He is human…’ The dark fey coughed again, its vibrant blood hitting the floor. ‘As well.’ Its unnatural eyes fluttered shut, and the beast went up in pink fire, forcing me to step back.

‘Ugh…these dark fey never tell me what I want to hear,’ I muttered. Satisfied that the night was done, and that my new opponent, the half-fey, was likely curious about me, I holstered my pistols and summoned REVOLUTION’s scabbard, slipping the sword into it, giving it a chance to recharge. A moment later the sword and its scabbard vanished, disappearing to whatever place it waits for me in.

Preparing to leave the plaza, I suddenly heard the sound of sobbing from nearby, and turned to see a little girl sheltering behind one of the concrete plant-boxes that surrounded the plaza.

Shit,’ I thought. If this girl had just seen everything that just happened – which she probably had – then I was going to be in big trouble with the F.R.A.

Don’t expose civilians to fey confrontations.” That was one of the most important rules, and I…well, I had just broken it. And a young girl, no less. There was only one thing for it, really.

I carefully moved towards her, gradually lowering myself to her height. Once I reached her I smiled and held out my hand. ‘It’s okay,’ I said. ‘It’s over.’

‘You killed them,’ the girl whimpered. She shuffled away from me. ‘Please don’t kill me.’

‘I’m not going to kill you,’ I said, smiling more, trying more than anything to get her to believe me. ‘Where are your parents?’

‘I was here with them,’ she replied. She looked into the plaza and sniffled. ‘But when you showed up they suddenly exploded and turned into…those.’

I froze. Those damned dark fey: they were stealing bodies, now. This half-fey guy, if he was leading them, had shown the dark fey new techniques. Things were certainly getting out of hand. ‘Come with me. I promise to look after you.’

The girl stayed still for a moment, and then moved towards me. Now I could see her properly, as the streetlights reached her now, I could see her pink jumper, green eyes and auburn hair. Her eyes were red-rimmed from her tears, and I almost wanted to hug her and tell her it was okay.


‘You promise?’ she asked, wiping her eyes.

‘I promise.’ I was as sincere as possible, and thankfully she stood up and stepped towards me. ‘Now, come on. I’ll take you somewhere safe.’

She nodded; she didn’t take my hand or even walk that close to me, but she didn’t wander off. She trusted me. That was good.

When we reached my office she was tired and quiet, so I laid her down on the sofa and put my coat over her. She soon fell asleep.

I made sure to keep the lights on – damn the electricity bill – so that she could sleep comfortably, and then headed for the office phone.

I sat at it for a short time, and then I finally picked it up, dialled in the F.R.C number and waited. My mind was occupied by this young girl and the very idea of dark fey stealing bodies. It was…chilling.

The phone was answered and, as expected, it was not Violet – a bit late for Violet to be answering. Instead it was Ethel, the grumpy night-shift receptionist.

‘What?’ she grunted.

‘Oh, that’s just charming,’ I muttered, just loud enough to hear. ‘Look, I need to report something.’

‘Who’s reporting what?’

I sighed heavily. ‘Dante Shadow, reporting a civilian witness.’ I waited for the frustrated noise.

‘Ugh.’ There it was. ‘Why am I not surprised? You better bring them in in the morning, then.’

‘I will,’ I said. I feigned a yawn. But until then…click.

With the ordeal over I returned my pistols to the cabinet, left my hat on the table and pulled off my boots. Genuinely tired, despite the faked yawn, I headed upstairs to my largely empty room to sleep in my poor excuse of a bed under thin, virtually useless sheets.

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