Dante Shadow - Fey Hunter

Dante Shadow. He's no normal man. He hunts down the dark fey - beings that seek to ruin the world with their foul magic - with sword and sorcery, with no one standing in his way. Well...until a mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.


5. Chapter 3: Grabbing Their Attention

Chapter 3 - Grabbing Their Attention

I would always go out at midnight in search of dark fey, usually in areas they didn’t belong, like bars and other places frequented by my fellow humans, REVOLUTION in its hidden, unsummoned state and my pistols – which ever two I had with me that night – hidden under my long black coat.

Before heading out that night to find this elusive half-fey fellow, or to at least draw his attention to myself, I went to my weapons cupboard, where all seven of my pistols gleamed at me: LUST, HERESY, GREED, ENVY, GLUTTONY, DECEIT and SLOTH.

The Seven Deadly Sins. What else do you expect?

I took out my two favourites – LUST and HERESY without a doubt, for those were likely the sins I enjoyed most – and put them into my belt holsters. I headed for the door, took my hat from the hat stand and headed out into the chilled night.

The moon was high in the sky, and with the approaching full moon I knew, without a doubt, where the highest concentration of dark fey would be that night: at the main plaza of the city. I did up my coat, hiding my guns, and walked through the darkness, the skirts of my coat flapping at my ankles.

It was a perfectly uneventful walk, with a quick stop at my local bar to buy a bottle of Dr Pepper – they had, after some time, finally submitted to my demands for Dr Pepper – to energise myself for the nigh inevitable fight.

When I eventually reached the plaza I saw that it was packed full of people, the majority of whom were, most likely, dark fey. Of course, I knew not to go in guns blazing; there was too great a risk of hitting civilians, or worse, registered fey.

Yeah, I’ve got my priorities straight: I’ll face worse punishment for killing registered fey than for killing civilians. Go figure.

With this in mind, I slowly unbuttoned by coat until there was only one button keeping it closed, obscuring my guns. I had the perfect thing for clearing the area of anything that wasn’t dark fey. ‘Hey, dark fey! I’ve got bullets with your names on them right here!’

There was a long pause, with a great many of the plaza’s “inhabitants” staring at me. I caught the shine of a hundred pink eyes (at least), each pair belonging to a creature intent on killing me. There were some pure orange eyes – maybe you could say amber – that belonged to the “light” fey. In other words, the ones who didn’t want to die and had registered.

Fey always went…funny when they registered. Suddenly changed from dark fey into “light” fey. Acceptable fey. Off-limits fey.

But the dark fey…as long as they were around it was “open season”.

The “light” fey started to move away from the plaza, many of them suddenly aware that the dark fey were also present. I couldn’t tell if any dark fey went with them, perhaps avoiding a fight – though that was unlikely – and the humans, the few there were, had left as well.

It was just a lot of dark fey…and me.

I undid the final button, and a gust of wind – almost otherworldly – smashed into me, throwing the skirts back behind me in dramatic fashion. My guns glinted in the moonlight, and in response the dark fey tore off their false skins, revealing their black-furred, crimson-clawed true forms. Many had the usual bony arms, thick legs and beastly snouts, but I knew there would be other forms in a concentration such as this.

Some larger fey appeared, bodies of pure muscle with odd metal blades that grew from their arms, faces twisted into permanent snarls. They were like massive gorilla warriors, though they weren’t after bananas, or whatever it is gorillas eat.

And at the back of this immense gathering was a gigantic mass of flesh, fists the size of cars and teeth as long as lampposts are tall. How it had fit into the equivalent of a human body amazed me, but fey magic is an odd thing.

I pulled my pistols from their holsters and gave them a whirl around my fingers, just as the swarm of dark fey rushed towards me. I released a volley of bullets from my supernaturally charged guns, ripping open the chests of the dark fey, spilling their blood all over the ground. Unfortunately, even I couldn’t fire fast enough to stop them reaching me.

One dark fey dodged a bullet by the narrowest of margins and leapt into me, biting down on my arm…hard. I dropped one of my pistols, and could not continue firing as I was trying to dislodge the pesky dark fey. As more and more dark fey approached I took my focus off the beast on my arm for a moment and fired a few shots. It bought me some time to summon “REVOLUTION” and decapitate the beast. I was forced to shake off the head, thankful its muscles had slackened.

With the dark fey closing in I brought together all of the heat I could muster, forming a ball of flame in my bloody hand, which I then threw at the beasts.

The supernatural flame spread through the beasts, reducing those at the brunt of the blast to ashes, and all those behind were roasted entirely. Even the meaty mass at the back went up in flames, showing that just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s any good.

‘Hm…better not cook a turkey with this flame,’ I muttered, extinguishing what remained of it. ‘Might overcook it.’

What followed this rather poor joke chilled me to my bone.

Someone laughed.

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