Dante Shadow - Fey Hunter

Dante Shadow. He's no normal man. He hunts down the dark fey - beings that seek to ruin the world with their foul magic - with sword and sorcery, with no one standing in his way. Well...until a mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.


4. Chapter 2: Velvet and Violet

Chapter 2 - Velvet and Violet

Violet worked at the F.R.A, and was both secretary and daughter of the big boss, the Administrator: Lucas Grey. There was something very special about Violet Grey, and it wasn’t just the odd name combination.

It could have been hear beauty, her smarts, her sharp wit, or all of it, but I can never be sure. All I was sure of was that I was absolutely infatuated with her.

And Mr. Grey wasn’t happy about that. Neither was Violet. At least, she made a show of not being happy with it. I could never be sure, though. Women are remarkably difficult to read.

As secretary, it only made sense that anyone who worked for or alongside the F.R.A would have her number. Even a freelancer like myself.

I picked up the office phone and saw the small post-it note that sat on the receiver. Surprise, surprise: it was Violet’s number. I dialled it, put the phone to my ear and waited.

It didn’t take long for a voice to cut through the ringing. ‘Hello, this is The Haven.’

If I hadn’t been struck by the soft, calming voice of Violet I may have focused more on The Haven, but instead I sat a drooled a little – I will not deny that – remembering times with Violet.


I cleared my throat. ‘Um…yes, hello. This is Dante Shadow. I’m sure you remember me.’

Violet sighed on the other end. ‘Oh, wonderful. It’s been months since we heard from you. We were hoping you were dead.’

‘Oh, Violet, those lies do cut me deeply,’ I said in mock-hurt. ‘I’ve missed your voice.’

A pause from her end, followed by a deep breath. ‘I would have hoped the dark fey had cut you deeply,’ she muttered, and then, clearing her throat, ‘What do you want, Dante?’

Leaving the dark fey insult at the back of my mind, I replied, ‘I was told about a little job. Some half-fey guy or something.’ I smiled. ‘And what’s this Haven?’

Violet seemed more willing to address The Haven issue than this half-fey. Likely frowning, or blushing, at the other end, Violet said, ‘The F.R.A have given new names to their headquarters, Dante. There’s now a Haven in every country.’

‘Wow. In just a few months? That’s efficiency, for you.’ Before she could retort or simply distract me further with her velvety voice, I moved back to the mysterious half-fey guy. ‘So. This half-fey fellow. When did he show up?’

‘Not long after the last time you called here,’ Violet replied, as if trying to accuse me. I was no half-fey, that was for sure. ‘No one’s really seen him. He looks like a human, but has the abilities of a fey, though. We know that for certain.’

‘And where can I find him?’

Violet cracked up laughing. ‘Find him? If the F.R.A can’t find him, what makes you think you can?’

‘It’s very simple, Violet: I don’t have ridiculous rules to follow.’ For the first time I could remember Violet was lost for words. I chuckled and whispered into the phone, ‘I love you.’

‘Mr. Shadow, you will never…’

I cut off her aggressive response by putting down the phone. I hadn’t been lying, you know. I didn’t worry about rules.

I had an excellent way to get the attention of this half-fey, and I was going to enjoy it: all I had to do was kill as many dark fey as possible.

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