Dante Shadow - Fey Hunter

Dante Shadow. He's no normal man. He hunts down the dark fey - beings that seek to ruin the world with their foul magic - with sword and sorcery, with no one standing in his way. Well...until a mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.


3. Chapter 1: A New Job

Chapter 1 - A New Job

I slumped down onto my sofa and picked up a slice of pizza.

Now, if you asked me why I was so obsessed with pizza and Dr Pepper I’m afraid I wouldn’t have an answer for you. I just am.

It’s a…thing, you know.

But when you live off light earnings from being hired to kill dark fey, there’s not a whole lot you can buy. So what do I choose? Pizza and Dr Pepper. Why not?

Although, I suppose that means it’s not that hard to find me. Just find the small office building with the piled up pizza boxes and Dr Pepper bottles.

Which is probably how this guy found me.

What do I mean, “this guy”?

The doors opened, and a man walked in, his face obscured by the low light of my office. He wore a white shirt and blue jeans, and seemed the picture of your typical citizen.

I knew otherwise.

I got up from the sofa and ambled my way to my desk, sitting at it just as he reached it. ‘Well, hello.’

‘Evening. Are you Mr. Dante Shadow?’ the man asked, looking around cautiously.

‘That I am, although you knew that already.’ I switched on my desk lamp and pointed it at my visitor. ‘Didn’t you, Ian.’

The man, his face now fully visible, smiled a cheery smile that split his thin beard in two. ‘It’s good to see you again, Dante!’ He held out his hand.

I grabbed his hand and then moved in for a short hug. ‘Long time no see. Last I heard you were fighting off dark fey with your bare hands.’

Ian shrugged and sat on my desk. ‘Unfortunately I don’t have your skills when it comes to fighting them. I only just got out of that one alive.’

‘Oh?’ I inquired, rather perplexed. He looked to me to be in perfect health, which meant that any wounds he had taken…I glanced at his shirt. ‘So you mean you have some holes?’

Ian sighed. ‘Yeah, you could say that…’ He lifted up his shirt, revealing a number of deep scars and lacerations, many of which had not yet healed.

‘Shit…how long ago was that?’ I asked, the very nature of the subject shaking my memory.

‘Two years, Dante. Two years. Those damned fey cut us in a way you could never imagine.’ Ian pulled down his shirt and sighed.

It wasn’t a question of imagining any more, though, was it? I had seen what they could do, though not as they did it. He was right, you know. I never had really been injured by the dark fey.

There were some things about me…that I really didn’t understand.

‘But I’m not here for small talk…’ said Ian.

‘Aw, that’s a shame. I was hoping to catch up over pizza,’ I replied, leaning back in my chair.

Ian frowned at me. ‘Maybe another time.’ He grabbed a chair from nearby and sat down. ‘I think I may have found a big job for you. And I mean…big.’

When it comes to getting a job, I always put my serious face on…at least, almost always, and whenever it came to a job from Ian, it was a time to get serious. Therefore, I sat forward again, folded my arms on the table and waited. When he did not continue I raised an eyebrow. ‘Well?’

Ian started, having zoned out for a moment, possibly in reminiscence of something, and coughed. ‘Oh, sorry…’ He shook himself, took a deep breath and continued. ‘There’s a guy who claims to be half-fey going around leading small armies of dark fey. The F.R.A are offering a…’

‘Wait, did you just say the F.R.A?’ I interrupted, jumping to my feet. I stared at him, reminding him of my disagreements with that agency, and hoping he would, for the time being, forget about the half-fey guy. I had bigger issues: the Fey Registration Agency.

Without going into too much detail, the F.R.A keep track of the fey in the world. Any fey not on their register could be killed, and the F.R.A will cover it up. Any fey that is on the register that dies…well, the F.R.A like their investigations.

What’s my issue with them? They almost killed me once after a registered fey walked into a fight against unregistered dark fey, and I accidentally killed him.

It was a one-off…kinda.

‘Yes, Dante. The F.R.A, or as the fey have started calling them, the “Guardians”. Are you interested?’ Ian was still sitting, and was looking at me with a partially amused expression.

I sat and frowned. ‘Hmph. It depends how much they’re offering.’ I made a show of not looking at him, but I watched him from the corner of my eyes.

‘As I was going to say, they’re offering a ten-thousand pound reward,’ Ian replied. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a cigarette box. ‘Do you want one?’

‘I don’t smoke.’ It was a lie, I won’t deny, but I wasn’t interested in a cigarette at the time. ‘This guy…’ I turned to get a good look of my friend’s face. ‘You say he’s half-fey?’

‘He claims to be half-fey. Why are you interested in that?’

‘Why? Well…’ I paused. How was I meant to reply to that? There was a certain curiosity everyone, including the F.R.A, had when it came to my abilities that was, in my opinion, best left unsatisfied. ‘I was just a little…shocked to hear of a half-fey.’

‘Hm. As was I. Look, I’ll leave you to think it over. You remember the number of the F.R.A, right?’ Ian stood up and looked at me knowingly.

‘Oh yes, Ian. I remember Violet’s number.’

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