"You've Changed"

Amber always has been a nerdy girl ever since she was little but these 5 boys alway helped her with bullies and such but when they were 16-17 the boys left for the XFactor now she is 20 and she lives in LA will she meet the boys again or the biggest question is will they remember her?
This is also Guys? I just changed the tittle


10. Saturday!

Ambers POV

Skipping date sorry- so it's Saturday and the boys and I are having a lazy day yay!! Me and Harry cuddled on the couch while the rest of the boys were also on the couch cuddling haha! I love them differently from Harry of course! We watched Nemo, and Toy Story curtisy of Liam and Greese and Hair Spray curtisy of Louis in the love Seans of the move Harry would kiss me or tickle me or whisper something cute In my ear gosh that boy is audorible! -Louis I'm BORED!!!!!!! Haha ok Louie what do u want to do!? -Louis idk something!! Ok ok but that doesn't help Lou! -Louis ugh fine ummm idk why is it sooo hard to pick a game!!!! Haha idk Lou?

Harry's POV

How about? Truth or Dare? -Louis no no we played that yesterday! So? Why can't we play again? -Louis BECAUSE that's boring! Well talking about this is boring! -Louis fine I'm going to take a nap -Zayn good idea me too! -Liam me too! -Niall I'm Hungary!!! Haha Niall of course you are and me and Amber are also going to take a nap!

A/N sooooo sorry for these BORING and SHORT chapters I need more insperation got any idea PLEASE comment! :)❤️

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