"You've Changed"

Amber always has been a nerdy girl ever since she was little but these 5 boys alway helped her with bullies and such but when they were 16-17 the boys left for the XFactor now she is 20 and she lives in LA will she meet the boys again or the biggest question is will they remember her?
This is also Guys? I just changed the tittle


8. Louis and Harry planning a date for Amber!

Harry's POV

I heard all of Shay and Ambers covo I was shocked that she said why she said happy because she said she was happy with me and proud that she stood up for herself god I love her!

Ambers POV

I was just standing there thinking about what I just said, and wow I even suprised myself! I felt two strong arms rap around me it was Harry he said he was proud of me and that he loved me. Man I love him so much!

Harry's POV

I just love Amber I haven't see her in 6 years so I want to make up that time we missed, but I don't know what to do......Louis- Harry?! Louis ripped me out of my thoughts about that hey maybe I should ask Louis what I should do! Hey Louis I need your help with something!? Louis- sure what is it mate? I need help ok I want to make up so time while me and Amber were away from each other? Louis- ummm ok? This Friday take her out for a movie or dinner and just spill ALL of your feelings for her!? And all that lovey stuff! Ok I see then that Saturday us and the rest of the lads and her can just have a lazy day? And just talk! Louis- ya ya ok that will be fun! Ya ok so it's Wednesday I should start planning stuff! Louis- want some help? Um ya sure! Louis- ok let's get started!

A/N once again a short chapter! What do u think Harry and Louis are going to plan for her? Well bye! Luv you guys!!!<3 :)

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