"You've Changed"

Amber always has been a nerdy girl ever since she was little but these 5 boys alway helped her with bullies and such but when they were 16-17 the boys left for the XFactor now she is 20 and she lives in LA will she meet the boys again or the biggest question is will they remember her?
This is also Guys? I just changed the tittle


5. hanging out almost back to normal!

Me and the boys were all hanging at Harry's flat and everything was almost back to normal yay!!!

But me and Shay are still not talking but owell I don't need her I have the boys now and. I'm happy! I notice Harry kept glancing over at me but I didn't think much of it I just kept on talking with the boys talking about mainly anything and everything mainly food with Niall of course haha.

Liam- so Amber do you have a boy friend?

I notice Harry tense up a bit it was kinda cute but I calmly said no.

Liam-oh ok.

Louis- we should play a game!!!

Stupid question but what game!?

Louis did his sass stare then said Truth or Dare DUH!!

Haha ok!

We played for a bit when Louis said Harry truth or dare!? Harry- truth Louis- boring of course but o well tell Amber the truth of how you feel for her! Harry-what!? Louis- come on Styles you heard me! Now man up and do it!! Harry- ok ok

Harry- Amber I-I really like you like ,like you and I always have but After we left for the XFactor we lost touch and I felt so stupid for not telling the truth but I was scared to lose you again and I could never let that happen again and I never will let that happen again I promise!! I love you Amber Coleman i always have always will so what do you say will you be my girlfriend?!

I was so shocked I didn't know he felt that way umm y-yes Harry I will be your girlfriend!!!! I love you too! We both kissed it was slow and pasinate like it. Should be I was beyond happy with my life now!!

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