"You've Changed"

Amber always has been a nerdy girl ever since she was little but these 5 boys alway helped her with bullies and such but when they were 16-17 the boys left for the XFactor now she is 20 and she lives in LA will she meet the boys again or the biggest question is will they remember her?
This is also Guys? I just changed the tittle


2. flashback from when they were little

Hey stop leave me alone!!!

Louis: get away from her!

Zayn: ya what did she ever do to you guys!!

*Niall grabs Ambers arm*

Niall: come with me!

Where are we going?

Harry: any where but here!


*Louis and Zayn keep yelling at the bullies*

-end of flashback-

Sigh I wish we were still that young, I mean ya I was getting bullied, but I was still with the boys man I miss them, but they are famous now and I have to realize that they forgot about me. But i will have to think about that later.

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