I will love you forever!

Chelsea and Niall are together. And Louis and Haeli! But with all the drama can it stay that way. Especially when old boyfriends and girlfriends show up?!


19. surprise #2

Chelsea POV

I turned around and saw all the girls around me gasping

"It's beautiful" Haeli said

"I love it" Perrie said

"Just take the picture and let's dig in!" Dan said.

After we toke the picture we ate some then the doorbell rang this time all the girls stood up and went to the door. But nobody was there? "Hello" I said walking on the porch. Then there was a note

Look up!

All the girls came and we looked up and saw a 2 planes flying in the air I made

I love you chelsea

Then the other flew a airplane and connected to the back was a sign that said

I will love you forever and always!

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