I will love you forever!

Chelsea and Niall are together. And Louis and Haeli! But with all the drama can it stay that way. Especially when old boyfriends and girlfriends show up?!


22. Christmas

Chelsea POV

"Chelsea-nelsey!!! GET UP ITS CHRISTMAS!" Louis ran in my room yelling. All the boys spent the night last night. "Mmmm" I answered

"Love it's time to get up" Niall said


"Please........ For me"

"Fine I said getting up and going to the living room to find Haeli,Perrie, Dan, Zayn, Harry,Louis, and Liam!

"Look she finally came" Harry said as I glared at him.

"I'm surprised you got Zayn up!" Niall said as I chuckled.

After everybody got settled down we started to open presents.

This is what people got

Perrie: a ring from Zayn it was beautiful, a necklace with a microphone on it from me, a iPhone drone Niall, Harry and Louis got her new shoes Harry got her toms that wear purple like the ends of her and Louis got her blue with red stripes, Liam got her an iPad,Heali got her a new straighter that her name on it, and Dan got her a few charms to put on my necklace. She loved all the gifts

Liam: a iPhone from Dan, a iPad from Niall, a toys story lunch box and a case for his iPhone and iPad that had toy story on it from Harry , (he had a totally fan girl moment) Zayn got him a toy story bed spread, and a signed autograph from his favourite football player, and us girls got him a poster with all the autographs of All the toy story characters and had them write notes!

I am going to sum this up!

Harry: a iPhone, iPad, new clothes, cases for his new stuff, and new beanies that said I love Chelsea and other stuff I can think you would know who got him that, the board game life.

Louis: 15 pounds of carrots which I got him, a iPhone, iPad, cases of carrots for them, a bed spread with carrot on them, and a container that said "don't touch my carrots"!, and some clothes.

Zayn: iPhone, iPad, new cases for them, a lot of clothes and a whole bunch of hair products!

Danielle: iPhone, iPad, clothes, many pairs of shoes like boots, heels, and flats, dance outfits because she dances so much. And I got her a necklace with a dance shoe on it.

Haeli: new shoes, a necklace, clothes, rings and jewelry

Niall: new clothes, a new guitar from me, new shoes, iPhone, iPad, and I also got him a poster of his football team back home and had them sign it.

Me: I got a whole bunch of clothes from the girls, iPhone, iPad, and cases, a shirt from Louis that said "carrot princess" haha, and I got new beanies which I loved!, and many new scarfs and Niall got me a beanie,scarf,guitar since he has been teaching me how to play, and a beautiful ring necklace and matching earrings which I loved! And a iHome which is a does her radio and a alarm put in one!

After everybody said thank you to everyone we all settled down and started to play with our gifts!

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