I will love you forever!

Chelsea and Niall are together. And Louis and Haeli! But with all the drama can it stay that way. Especially when old boyfriends and girlfriends show up?!


8. Can't tell

Chelsea POV

After breakfast we all went and sit on the couches. As Haeli set on Louis lap, I cuddled with Niall, with my head on his chest as he was winding my hair. "So what do you want to do today?" Niall asked. "I don't know" Haeli had answered. "How about we go get some icecream" Niall said. "Ya that sounds fun" I said. Then Heali and Louis went to go get changed. "Hey Niall" "yes love" he answered. I looked up at his blue eyes they were filled with care, "what will people think if we walk together?" I had to ask. "Well if I would tell then that we are together but that means they would chase you around with cameras so for right now I don't think we should tell everybody and just saw your a friend" Niall said. Wait I was only a friend really! Why won't he tell people! I am over thinking this. He just wants the best for me. So then I caught up and went to get ready.

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