Ariana, Will, Albus, and Celestine have been kicked out of the only place they've ever called home, the ancient city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. The band together and travel to exotic places. What do they have to lose?


11. The Nameless Town

Albus's P.O.V.:

In the morning we walked and walked and walked. We all thought about the ghosts. Was it a dream? We all saw them. And a happier place? What does that mean?

We went to a small town. It seemed nameless. Looking back, we weren't sure if it was even real.

While we were there Will was tormented for his skin tone. Ariana told the bullies to stop, but they wouldn't, and mocked her as well.

"Ooh, looks like little girl loves the black boy!" they'd yell as she want by.

Meanwhile, Cel was lovesick chasing after a beautiful girl, named Mary. She was shunned by everyone but us.

And for supporting Will, Ariana, and Celestine, I was shunned as well.

There wasn't something right with this town. We couldn't escape. We all slept in a field, when Will's mother came to us:

"You see how cruel the world can be? I'm going to take you to a far off place, but you can only get there by loving, not hating. You can start a new civilization there. Others are already at this place, Atlantis, too. Together we can try to make a better world for everyone. Come children, and we'll fly away!"

"But what about Mary?" Celestine asked.

"She can come too," Will's mother said.

And off we flew to Atlantis...

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