Ariana, Will, Albus, and Celestine have been kicked out of the only place they've ever called home, the ancient city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. The band together and travel to exotic places. What do they have to lose?


7. Goodbye

The day had finally come. The bittersweet feeling was overpowering. Though they didn't want to admit it, tears pricked in the corners of their eyes. Family thought Albus. Those few people who didn't mind me thought Will. My new life thought Cel. The only thing I've ever known thought Ariana.


They packed the few things they owned. Will and the boy, Albus, stole food and money the night before. They were ready

The quartet snuck out of the forest. After about an hour, the fake cheeriness was to much to bear. Ariana immediately burst into tears. Albus had a tortured look on his face. Will and Celestine looked glum.

"We don't know anything about each other's stories," Cel said, trying to stop the sadness.

Ariana looked up. "I lived there my whole life. My-my father had new political views. I'm pretty sure some conservatives murdered him."

Will sighed. "My family was disliked because we were black. Some neighbors, I think, set fire to our house. I'm the only one who got out and survived."

"My family came here from Éire seven years ago. We were pale, had a strange way of talking, and a different religion. My father told me to hide when he sensed someone bad coming. Aye, glad he did. They killed him, but not me." Cel said.

Everyone looked at Albus. He looked awful and pained. He drew in a breath. "My mother and sisters got the plague. They begged me to go, so I wouldn't catch it. I had to."

Shiny tears were streaming down his face. Cel put her arm around him.

"You poor thing," she sympathized. There's something about sharing your deep down stories that made an unbreakable bond between them.

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