Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


4. The Hospital

Aaron's Pov

We got to the hospital and i couldnt stop crying. My mother told me not to worry bout her cause she is a peasant as she calls her i yelled at my mother and told her i loved Alex. Thats when she left.

Rose's Pov

Its been 4 months and we found out that Alex is in a coma. Aaron is taking this pretty hard. Lexi and i visit Alex in her room hoping she will jump up and kill someone cuz she dont know where she is. She dont take surprise very well.

Lexi and i go to the hospital today and Aaron was fast asleep holding Alex's motionless hand. She was breathing but motionless. Aaron woke up and his eyes were blood shot. From crying a lot for 4 months straight everyday. You alright? Lexi asked. Fine if Alex wakes up. Aaron said looking at Alex. We all wish she would wake up. I told him. Let Lexi and I grab you something to eat. I said ad lexi and i left the room.

Im worried about Aaron. He is really in love with Alex what if he cant let her go if she does die? Lexi asked me. I dont know. I guess we just have to wait and see. I told her as we saw nursed and doctors running to Alex's room.

Aaron POV

After the girls left the room I i began to cry on Alex. I haven't heard her voice in 4 months and i am starting to believe she may die soon. As i whipped my eyes Alex sneezed. Bless you. I said not realizing she was awake. Its cold as hell. Where am i? Alex asked. In a hospital. I said thinking i was asleep since i havnt slept for weeks.

Baby have you been crying why am i here? She asked. Yes i hav and your in here because you were stabbed in the back and u slipped into a coma afterwards. Then when i least expected it Alex kissed me. Now i knew it wasnt a dream. I pressed the button to call the doctors in because she was awake. The doctors and nurses rushed in doing test and other things as rose and lexi came into the room.

The doctor pulled me out of the room after a few minutes. Aaron Alex is pegnant. The doctor told me. How? I asked shocked. She was pregnant before the coma and the baby is still alive in her. The baby is healthy, but she will have to watch she does more now for the babies sake. The doctor told me. The nurses are telling her now and doing some more tests on the baby. Maybe today we could find out what u two are having. She told me. How did u know that is my child? I asked shocked still. The way u r here all the time, and how u wouldn't leave her side no matter what while she was here. She giggled. But she is a poor girl. I mumbled. Who cares you love each other. Thats all that matters. She said putting her hand on my shoulder. Thanks. I said walking back in the room.

When i saw Alex she was crying. Baby whats wrong? I asked holding her. Im pregnant. She sobbed. Its alright. I told her. But what about your family? She asked. I dont care about them. I said as i kissed her lips. Are you guys ready to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl? The nurse asked. Yes. Both Alex and I nodded. After a few minutes we found out that we are having a girl.

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