Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


3. Opening Scars

Aaron's Pov

How do you know Alexis' family? I asked. Her mother was my maid and her father cooked. My family found out she had a child and she refused to give us her child so my family killed your family but we thought u were dead. My mother told her.Alexis started crying pulled off the ring and ran outside and jumped on her horse.

Alex's Pov

I threw the ring on the floor and ran outside to get on my horse. I just kept crying. When i got home i ran into my hut and cried. Then Jackson touched my shoulder. Whats wrong. He asked. You're dead. I lied. No im not just wounded now what going on? He asked. Just leave me alone. I sobbed.

He listened and left no one else came into my hut the rest of the day all i did was cry. Even though i wanted to marry him i couldn't. I put my leather jacket on some skinny jeans and my leather boots on. I looked in the mirror as i put on some make up i realized that i still had his shirt on and that i left my shirt in his room. I grabbed my knives, my waist bag put more weapons in the waist bag , put a gun in my boot, and grabbed a bookbag to put stolen jewels and food in it.

I left on foot. I got to Aaron's house and he was outside holding my shirt. I hid but he saw me. He got up and walked to me his eyes were red like mine. What are you doing here? He asked. I needed to get somethings. I told him. You have on my shirt. He smiled. You have my shirt. I giggled. I know i do and you're not getting it back. He said holding it in the air. He is 6'4 and im 5'8 so he had an advantage. Why not. I laughed. Because i need something to remind me of you. He laughed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I love you. I told him in the kiss. I love you more though. He grinned in the kiss.

When we parted i had to run. Shit cops! I gasped as i ran. I climbed on a roof. Then someone covered my mouth and pulled my arms back. I tried to wiggle out of their grip but i couldn't. Dont worry we wont hurt you. A man told me. I kicked him in his dick and pulled my knife out of my boot. What do you want. I asked the 2 men. We need your help Alexis. One said. With what? I asked holding my gun towards them. Your boyfriend is in danger. The other said. Why how whats goin on? I asked in tears.

Aaron's Pov

I woke up the next morning thinking of last night. Alexis was very beautiful but she is a run away so it may not work out with her and I. There are dangers in our relationship, and i dont want Alexis dying in the process. I got up and grabbed some clothes for a shower. When i heard a knock on my door. There was a note....

- Aaron come outside i have to show you something


I ran out the door to find Alexis tied up and a knife to her neck. What are you doing with her? I asked angrily. She is on death row for thievery. She will e dead by tomorrow. A man laughed. No she wont what do you want me here for i know your not gonna kill her. I told them. Try me. A woman said putting the knife closer to Alex's neck. Alexis screamed in pain. You bitch! Alex yelled over the pain. Shut the hell up! The woman commanded smacking Alex a crossed the face. Then they left. I ran inside grabbed my guns and a knife and ran outside and got on my horse. I followed them until i got to a building. They got out of the car and dragged Alex inside the building.

Alex's Pov

Get the hell off of me. Im not your slave. I snapped. Shut up. You piece of shit. The woman said smacking me in the face. I spit in her face as she did. She had a men throw me in a room. Luckily they left a knife in the room so I cut the rope on my arms and legs. I grabbed the knife and climbed through the air vent. But then i heard Aaron. I opened the air vent and hung upside down on the air vent. I threw the knife at one of the men's back and jumped down. I fought off most of the men until Aaron came in.

Aaron's Pov

I jumped into the fight most of the men left. By the time the men stopped coming. The woman stabbed Alex in the back. Alex screamed in the pain. I grabbed my phone and called the hospital. I didnt want Alexis dead. I just wanted her next to me, and my wife.

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