Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


2. Cries

Alex's Pov

I carried Jackson back home as i still cried. JACKSON!!!!! His mother sobbed. Im sorry he followed me into town and .... I was cut off by his mother smacking me a cross the face. Look everyone im leaving. You all will be better with out me. I said walking to my hut to pack my things. You went to see that dick didnt you? Lexi asked as her and rose walked in. Yes i did and jackson followed. Jackson loved you he wouldnt let you leave alone. Rose told me. I know this now ok! I sobbed as i finished packing my things and put it in a carriage that is hooked up to my horse.

Im going with you let me pack my things. Rose told me as i got on my horse. Alright hurry. I said as lexi brought her bags out and got on her horse. What are you doing lex? I asked. Yeah yall two aint leavin with out me. Lexi told me hooking up another carriage to her horse. Rose ran back with a bunch of bags and put it in lexi's carriage. And jumped on lexi's horse. Lets go Rose said as we left.

Aaron's Pov

The next morning I woke up with Alex in my head. I jumped in the shower, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Aaron i heard you in your room talking to some girl. My older sister Erica laughed. Shut~up i was with no one. I told her. I heard to Aaron. My mother told me. Oh well i was with no one you guys sure ur not going crazy? I laughed. I heard a woman a poor girl perhaps. My father told me. Whats wrong with the poor. I asked angrily. They are dirty and filthy. Not proper. Erica said laughing. They are not worthy of living. My mother said. I got up and walked to my room bringing my breakfast up with me. When i opened the door i saw Alexis. I put my food down and picked her up and spun her around.

I came to say goodbye. She said as my heart dropped. What why? I asked. My friend died from me being here. He followed me here and was beaten to death. She sobbed into her hands. Im sorry. I told her trying to comfort her. Look i love you but i cant stay. She said as she left but left a ring. I love you too! I yelled in the air ducked. I grabbed a bag and put a bunch of clothes and money in it and left. I didnt want my parents finding me so i rode my horse. I followed her into the forest. By sunset she stopped with two others and sent up a fire and tent for the night. I rode my horse over and two girls screamed but Alexis didnt. What are you doing here? Alexis asked looking angry but happy at the same time. I came to see you. I told her leaning in for a kiss. Look go home you are gonna get people to track us down so leave rich boy. A girl with long brown hair and the same skin like me said. Lexi and Rose please leave us alone. Alexis asked. You must go cause if im found i will be taken to jail. So go please? She begged. No im not gonna have a search party after me my family dont like me. Plus i love you and you're safer with me. I told her kissing her lips. Her lips were soft. I love you to but i cant risk my girls lives. They are my best friends. She told me crying. I wiped her tears with my thumb. And kissed her one more time. Im not leaving. I told her.

Alex's Pov

You're stuburn you know that. I told him going into my tent. He followed me in. I know i am. He said laying next to me wrapping his arms around me. I just smiled and turned to him. We shouldnt be together. I told him almost in tears. Who cares i love you Alexis and i never said that to anyone in my life only you. Now go to sleep. He said kissing my forehead. But i cant sleep. I told him. Why not? Aaron asked me holding me closer to the point there was no room between us. I dont know. I half smiled.

Yes you do know. Tell me. Aaron told me as i put my head on his chest. Because you're here. I admitted. Really? He asked sitting up. Yes but I'm not like this. I told him. Neither am i but only around you. He also admitted. Then we started kissing non stop until we notice someone approach the tent. We gotta leave guys like now. Lexi told us. Why whats wrong? I asked putting things in the carriages. His family sent a search party. Rose said angrily. Now u must leave. I told him crying. You know you dont want me to leave. Aaron told me. I know but i gotta put them first not my feelings so go home now. I sobbed as he left. I was destroyed.

Aaron's Pov

I left to Alexis crying. I couldn't take her crying but i wanted her safe and since my family sent the search party i had no choice but to leave. When i got home my family were in the family room. They saw me walk in but i just walked pasted them ignoring their questions. I was pissed. Son open your door. My father knocked. What do you want. I asked angrily unpacking my things.

I know you left with a girl. Who was she? My father asked. Just a girl ok. Just leave. I said as tears ran down my cheeks. You're inlove. My father said shocked. I know i am. Look jist leave ok. I told him. Bring her here. My father told me. I can't. I told him. Why not? She isn't one of them is she? My father asked. She is. I told him. My father got angry.

Look dad im sorry it happened. I told him. You two had sex! He yelled angrily. No! I yelled back angrily. Why do you care anyway! I yelled angrily. Because your not gonna make the same mistake I did! My father yelled.

What are you talking about? I asked lowering my voice. Before your mother i was inlove with a poor girl and she got pregnant with your oldest sister becca but her mother died before she was born. My father started crying as i heard Alexis in the air ducked.

When she came down i over joyed. Alexis! I said as i picked her up. Aaron! She said stroking my hair kissing my cheek. My father left before saying anything to Alexis but i didnt care all i wanted was her. Where are your friends? I asked her putting her down. They were needed back home. She told me. So you're staying with me for the nite? I asked getting her out one of my t-shirts and shorts out for her to change into. She started taking off her shirt and pants and i lost it. I put her on the bed and started kissing her neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. Im not gettin into details though cause thats private.

The next morning i woke up to her head on my chest and we both were still naked with blankets over us though. A few minutes later my mother walked in. Aaron who is that! My mom screamed. Mom be quiet you will wake her up. Im planning on purposing to her. I told her.

Alex's Pov

Im not allowing my son to marry this trash. His mother growled. Im not trash. I said angrily. I am living a lot better then most of you rich people. I snapped as Aaron put some pants on. Mother leave. Aaron told his mother pushing her out of the room and locking the door. I started putting my clothes on as tears ran down my cheeks. Baby don't cry. Aaron told me as he held me. She called me trash. Whats wrong with me its not my fault my family died when i was young. I kept crying. Im sorry to hear that. Listen your going to meet my family alright. Aaron told me. I cant imma get locked up if im seen around here. I told him. I have the money to get you out. I will do anything to keep you here with me. Aaron told me pulling something out of his pocket.

Aaron's Pov

I pulled the ring out of my pocket and got on one knee. What are you doing Aaron? Alexis asked crying more. Alexis I want to spend ever second of the rest of my life with you will you marry me? I asked her as she cried even more. Yes! She said happily as i put the ring on her finger and kissed her on the lips. Come on now we must go see my family. I told her as my sister opened the door. She was happy for Alexis and I. You're beautiful Miss Alexis. I dont care what your background is my brother loves you and thats all that matters. Erica said hugging Alexis they both were crying as we walked downstair to tell my parents. My father was happy my mother wasnt though.

She grabbed Alexis by her hair and threw her outside.

Alex's Pov

When his mom threw me out i kicked open the door. Dont ever do that again you made a big mistake. I said pulling out my knife. If you kill me you will never know how you parents died or who killed them. His mother told me. I put the knife up to her neck then asked. How did you know bout my family's death? I asked as Aaron pulled me back. He knew i would kill her.

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