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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


10. The start of something beautiful

I was right; of course, we managed to scrape 3 songs together and are going to do them for all of the age groups. It took the whole of Thursday trying to find the songs let alone practise them, but eventually got them done.

We woke upon Friday morning with a hustle and bustle of the siblings getting ready outside. After they left, I was woken up by breakfast in bed by Seth, brad and Jason. Bacon and eggs my favourite. After we finished eating we lazily got to the empty library and started to practise. At about 2 we decided we would go help so we made our way to the city hall.

First age groups performance was a bit rusty and we only did the first song for them but managed to entertain them for as long as we needed to. The second age group was a lot better since we did all 3 songs quite well. Jason and I had free time doing lights and stuff so it was nice too.

And lastly the third age group- my age group. We did all three of the songs perfectly and everyone was accepting and didn’t judge which was nice. After we performed we started the activity.

The activity tonight was two people from each age group were blind folded and the rest of the team had to help one of them through a maze that we set in the outside garden. The person that wasn’t helped however had to try getting out alone, but we managed to get all of them out eventually. This all taught them that God is always looking out for us and we must trust in him that he knows where we are going, and we mustn’t try and leave his path because we don’t know where we will end up only he does. Deep and at the last minute… yay!

It was all a huge success but for the last 45 minutes or so we had to get ion our age groups and talk about stuff. We got in our age groups and since there was so little in the hall at the time we just got together boys and girls unlike the other two times today.

In our age group 15-16 there was Jason, Brad, Brian, Seth and me. There were also three other people that weren’t in our family however, Indie, Ruby and Greyson. Indie was a smart girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes, her non-identical twin sister was Ruby she has blonde hair and brown eyes. Greyson was a tallish boy with a strong build, with dark brown hair and eyes to match.

“I still don’t see how you two are twins. “Brain exclaimed

“Well they are so get used to it.” I said in a joking manner while playfully hitting his arm. “I had a twin actually; she disappeared when we were young though.” I said and regretted saying it the minute it left my mouth.

“Seriously?” Greyson said obviously tuning in for the first time in a while.

“Yeah. We were about four or five.” I started to explain.

“We don’t know that much about you as a whole yet. Tell us your story.” Seth said in a TV show manner.

“Well I am just a simple girl whose parents simply vanished into thin air the same as my sister did. Every night since then I have been having a reoccurring dream…” I said starting off talking really fast but eventually stopping when I realize that I hadn’t had the dream once since I have come here. A whole two weeks since I was 4.

“What is this dream exactly?” Ruby asked.

“Well, it all starts the same... Me in a building surrounded by fire and burning furniture. I am wearing a white dress, all mattered, broken and torn at the hem so I have never quite know what it looks like. I see someone sitting in a chair the only thing that isn't in flames. She looks at me and says something muffled I have tried to make it out but never quite got it, but it's always sounded like “I’m here... I promise…" As I go closer and realize she is tied to the chair and wearing a mask... A mask made of black lace. As I start to crawl closer I notice the mask is beautiful but only covers half her face with swirls covering the other half of her face. I sometimes see them move if I concentrate long enough. As I get to her she is staring up in the sun, peaceful and unfazed by the distraction happening right behind her. She starts to take off the mask and then I wake up” I said all of this finally coming out of it, the to see everyone is looking at me with mouths and eyes open as wide as they could possibly go.

“That sounds quite traumatising Rox.” Seth started to say, “So Jason and creepy dreams that will keep me up until 2am.” The looking at him smiling.

“No my parents were…” he paused, “actually quite the same, just vanished one day.”

“That’s kind of weird, I know that my parents were murder or something but by whom I have no idea.” Seth said.

After all of the people had left it was just Greyson, the family and I. so as the last two there we were on clean up duty. I told them to go home and I would take the Jeep back home later.

“So where do you live Greyson?” i asked desperately trying to fill the awkward silence.

Greyson looked at me from behind a mountain of boxes, amps and musical instrument boxes. “I actually am staying all by myself right now, my mom is actually gone away for business and my dad has kind never been around to begin with… but enough about me.” He said while putting the boxes in the Jeep. “I want to get to know you better. How about I take you to a coffee shop where I work down the street, on a date just me and you.” Was defiantly not expecting that but he was cute, funny and smart. What do I have to loose at this point. I am going to say yes but have a little fun while doing it.

“Sure, but on one question first.” I said as cockily as I could, while opening the door for him to the Jeep. He got in as did I, even though I don’t have my licence I’m not that bad he didn’t know that yet. I continued, “Do you trust me to drive you home?”

He started laughing, but then said “well I do for now but if I die I will come back and haunt you for punishment.” He said with raised eyebrow. We talked all the way home and it was relaxing and peaceful as a new relationship should.

I dropped him off at home and I sped home fearing the cops were after me as the ‘rebel ‘I am. I am really starting to love it here.

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